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When we say quality at Modular Elevator Manufacturing, it is not just empty words or a marketing ploy. We really mean it and we wished that everyone would take it as seriously as we do. Like you, we have heard the horror story from a project with a different company where, while the elevator was hovering over the building, an elevator jack literally fell out and plummeted into the pit. It could have killed someone.

Death from Above

The story is shocking and absolutely true. People were in danger. Beyond that when a company puts out a product so poorly built it not only potential can harm people on the job-site it can also harm the modular elevator industry and the modular industry as a whole. We all suffer the black-eye, when quality is not just suspect, but dangerous. But MEM is different and here’s how.

To start with MEM has just been at it longer. We didn’t just pop up out of no where with no construction or elevator experience. We have over 40 years in the building industry and a 20 year manufacturing track record of success and safety. We have never – never had anything like the scare of a 300 pound jack falling from the sky. Our installs go in smoothly because we have so much more experience.

Engineered for Safety

MEM elevators are also engineered with safety in mind. Usually when you say safety and elevators you are talking about for the riding public and our elevators are very safe, never putting the general public at risk. But we have engineered our products so they are also safe to install as well. Part of the many pluses of the modular industry is that it means safety on the job-site. The heavy lifting and working in cramped quarters is moved to the factory with plenty of cranes and space on the factory floor. Plus there is no working at heights while the shaft is being built like in traditional construction. If huge elevator components are falling out of a hoistway that plus of job-site safety goes away.

With MEM we understand how important work site safety is and engineer that into each and every elevator we produce. It may take more effort, higher-grade materials and more care when building them, but MEM elevators are built for safety before, during and after the set and start up.

We Quality Check with Certified Technicians

Lastly, we check every product we manufacture with our one-of-a-kind 10 Point Inspection by a certified elevator technician. Before the elevator is loaded on the truck, we make sure of the following:

  1. Rail Alignment
  2. Running Clearance Verification
  3. Code Compliance
  4. Visual Electrical Check
  5. Hydraulic System & Pit Component Review
  6. Cab Alignment & Assembly
  7. Car Top Verification
  8. Sling & Platform Inspection
  9. Power Unit Inspection
  10. Rail Bracket & Splice Inspection

Each of the above is a part of a process that produces consistent quality. If you are not careful you could pick the wrong modular company (the one where the jack fell out). Keep in mind that it is important that it is a certified elevator technician doing the checking and not just any old employee. We have multiple employees that are qualified and capable of checking everything out. We simply cannot vouch for what others are doing, but rest assured we do our best to make sure the elevator you get is the highest quality.

Modular is Safe

Lastly, we want to assure everyone that despite the most recent debacle, modular is the safest and best way to build. Whether you are considering the method for an entire building or wanting to retrofit an existing structure with a safe, fast installing modular elevator, reputable companies in the modular building industry are ready to build faster, greener and most importantly safer.

If you are curious about modular elevators and have a project in mind that you would like a quote for, click the button below. If you want to know more details about the accident that has caused such a stir, contact me at your convenience. I am always more than happy to explain why modular is the best solution and MEM is always quality elevators taking you to a higher level.

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