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Modular Elevator Complete

Modular elevator complete! Another great project is complete and up and running. This is just an example of the flexibility that you can have with modular elevators.

Modular elevator complete. This is a fully installed elevator placed in less then four hours.

We loved working with the team to have another elevator set in less than four hours and up and running in less than a week. Great job to the architect and the GC.

Also, thank you MEM team! Everyday you prove you are the best. Modular Elevator Manufacturing – quality elevators taking you to a higher level.

If you want your own elevator to accent your project that will save you time and general costs on your next project click below and get started. We promise to respond quickly with a Fast Track budget number. Keep in mind that the budget number includes the hoistway that is dropped into place. Many folks forget that the elevator comes preinstalled inside the actual steel hoistway wrapped in a mold resistant and fire resistant drywall.

Also remember that the entire elevator and all of the components are already inside. That is why the set process in the picture takes a couple hours and the startup only takes a couple of days. It really is the best system for low and mid-rise applications.

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