This gallery is to show off a few of the jobs we have completed. But, it is more than that. When you click on one of the photos, often times you will find the story behind the photographs as to why or how they are important or exceeded the expectations of the client. Our goal is to produce such a high quality product that everything we do is in our gallery.

For additional information about the projects we create, the modular industry and elevators go to our blog as well.

Lastly, we are also more than happy to post photos from our friends. We have worked well with a number of builders in award winning projects over the years. They come back year after year and project after project. It is because they know there is only one source for true quality modular elevators. MEM is that source as we produce high-quality consistently. They also know we have the professionalism, dedication and experience they deserve. MEM – quality elevators taking you to a higher level.

If these projects have impressed you or you are a little bit intrigued by the elevator that sets and starts up in a matter of days, let us know. We are always looking forward to discussing the largest moving object in most buildings. You can go here to get a Fast Track Budget number or give us call to get the ball rolling.