Sometimes seeing is more valuable than reading a webpage, blog post or hearing a description. Below you will find several videos of modular elevators from MEM. You can see for yourself how easy it is to have a fully installed elevator set in place in a couple hours. That’s right a commercial quality elevator in place ready for start up.

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Video Descriptions

Left Column:

Video 1 – The ISLA Project is a container build that seamlessly incorporated a modular elevator into the new housing complex. The elevator was set in two sections as you can see. In less than a few short hours the fully installed elevator was ready for start up. If speed and savings are important, the MEM System is perfect.

Video 2 – Our latest project Hope on Avalon is a five story housing unit that required an in ground hydraulic jack. It is not a problem at all for us, the jack simple goes in first and then the full installed elevator is put in the pit over the jack. Easy as can be. A fully installed elevator in less than 4 hours.

Video 3 – It really is that easy to have an elevator installed. In four hours this elevator was put in place and ready for start up. A quality commercial elevator delivered on time with no hassle and no headaches.

Video 4 – Modular construction is a perfect application of MEM elevators. Seen in this wonderful modular project from our friends at Pacific West Builders. You will notice the modular elevator go in at :24 on the right. At :59 a modular elevator goes in on the left. It was used as the construction elevator as well.

Video 5 – Just a compilation of stills of various jobs.

Middle Column:

Video 1 – This elevator helped bring new life to a retrofit hotel project. Glass elevators are easy to install and start up.

Video 2 – This project was six elevators for a medical facility. The video shows how easy the MEM Elevator System is to set. More about this project.

Video 3 – It really is that easy to place a fully installed elevator in a building project. We are ready to quote you FastTrack numbers for any project. Join the revolution.

Right Column:

Video 1 – Supportive housing needs solutions fast. The MEM Elevator System cuts months off of any build time as it is a fully installed elevator being placed in just a couple of hours and ready to be started up. Read more!

Video 2 – Impressive parking structure. This is the first ride up and it was used as a construction elevator for the project saving thousands of dollars! Set and ready to go on time and on budget. More about this project.

Video 3 – Our the MEM Modular Elevator System is stackable. In this video that was share with us, you can clearly see the advantage. In less than four hours a fully installed elevator was put in place.

Video 4 – Retrofit that works. Too often elevators can cause headaches when it comes to retrofit projects. MEM has saved any number of building through placing a modular unit inside or outside of the building. More about this project.