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MEM Latest Projects Parking Garage Success

MEM Latest Projects – When we say quality, this is what we are talking about. This project took a simple parking garage build and turned it into a show piece that San Jose State can be proud of. We partnered with two of the best in the business, met their specs and completed a glass elevator, delivered when they wanted it and on budget. 

Of note in the photos you will notice that the elevator is functional before construction was finished. As our elevators arrive at your site fully installed, you literally have a high-quality commercial elevator in place in less than a day. Amazing but true. Then once power is supplied it takes about a week for it to be up and running. In many cases we are used as a construction lift saving even more time and money on projects.

Beautiful Cab

Also, you will notice a beautiful cab. We do not make our cabs out of particle board that is prone to rotting, swelling or molding. We provide quality inside and out. This was given a design for high traffic including some vandal resistant features. The finish in this case is perfect for the application however, any number of laminates can be utilized with modular elevators as well. This gives great flexibility to the architect and designer.

Speaking of the architect we would like to thank Watry Design. True experts and a great company to work with. Here is a link to the specifics on this project. It is impressive! Equally we love partnering with McCarthy they know how to pull everything together with great results. If you don’t know them, you should. Here is their link.  

Of course if you are impressed with the timeline we provide or that our modular elevator takes the elevator off the critical path, click the button below and start a conversation by providing some details on an upcoming project.

We will provide you a Fast Track thumbnail quote in 24 hours. MEM – Quality Elevators taking you to a higher level.


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