There are tons of questions about modular elevators and that is why an FAQs page is so necessary. This will not answer every question, but certainly covers many of the repeat questions we have gotten over time.

What is a modular elevator?

A modular elevator is a factory built, high-quality, commercial elevator factory installed into a prefabricated, structural steel hoistway. The hoistway is sheathed with materials to meet your building requirements. The modular elevator is trucked to your site and craned into place in a pre-poured elevator pit. You have to see it to believe it so here is a short video of one being placed.

When should I consider a modular elevator?

Modular elevators are the best option for any low or mid-rise building project, generally 2 to 10 stories. They can be in any type of new building or retrofit project. They can be added on the interior or exterior of buildings and can include a modular machine room to make the project even easier. They have been placed in that following types of buildings and more:  Hotels, Classrooms, Stadiums, Transportation Stations, Parking Structures, Pedestrian Bridges, Office Buildings, Apartment Complexes, Ship Terminals, Malls, Medical Facilities.

So consider them as the best alternative for any of the above applications and more 10 stories or below. Here is a short video that shows just some of the applications.

Do you distribute nationwide?

Yes, we can ship our products anywhere in the United States, however we are honest with you and let you know that some jurisdictions are against modular products in general. These areas are few and getting fewer, but we want to be totally upfront about challenges.

These sound easy to install, are they really?

They are much easier to install than conventional elevators. Because all of the components are already inside the hoistway, they come ready to go. There are no rails to install, no doors to hang and no wiring to do and no cab to install. It is as close to plug and play you will find for elevators.

How are modular elevators safer?

In several ways but let me hit a few. Less time for elevator personnel on site. Fewer man hours means less potential injuries. Traditional elevators have an open shaft with modular elevators the doors on the hoistway are closed until the elevator is up and running. Traditional elevator assembly, has a lot of heavy lifting, modular eliminates the lifting.

Can you attach the elevator to a building for support?

One of the most FAQs deal with this. The elevators are designed to be self-supporting in most applications. There is usually no need to tie-in the hoistway to the building at all.

Where do your parts come from?

Dirty secret…there are only a handful of elevator parts companies that all elevators companies use. We use them too. All elevator parts must pass a rigorous UL rating and are standard to the industry. All are quality. We never use proprietary parts.

Is modular greener?

Yes. There is less waste and more recycling. There are fewer trips to the jobsite by construction workers and elevator contractors. The carbon footprint is smaller!

Why is DSA approval important?

DSA stands for the California Division of the State Architect. Their website address is: http://www.dsa.ca.gov/

DSA PC Approval means that our design is pre-approved by the California Division of the State Architect. The design goes through 3 stages of DSA approval: Structural Safety, Accessibility and Fire & Life Safety. MEM Modular Elevators are DSA PC Approved. This means that our elevator drawings are inserted into your project drawings and generally don’t go through the approval process again. This is a great advantage over conventional elevators which generally must get a deferred approval from DSA.

Is DSA important if I am outside of California?

The short answer is no. However, it does reveal is that our elevators pass rigorous safety and engineering reviews by one of the toughest jurisdictions in the United States. If you use one of our elevators, you are getting safety and quality!

These elevators sound great! How do I get one?

One of the FAQs that we like to answer most! It starts with requesting a Fast Track budget number. From there the process is easy and we will walk you through each step. Before you know it, you will have a high-quality elevator installed in your project.

What is the lead time?

FAQs for the industry that is important! First, there is no such thing as an 8-week elevator! Others make that promise and then pray for rain on the job site because they know it can’t be done. We only promise what can be delivered. We produce an elevator in 16 weeks, but we start well before you need it onsite.