Parking Structures

Parking Structures are a perfect application for the Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) Elevator System. They can be used for projects with up to 75 feet of elevator travel. And they are available for both interior and exterior applications.

They are designed specifically to be an easy, fast, quality solution that many Developers, Architects and Contractors in the Parking Structure sector are now looking for to meet the growing need for quick construction.

The MEM Elevator System solution vastly improves the efficiency of the construction process and offers time savings that results in costs savings to the project. We are simply faster and that means quicker occupancy. Do some math regarding how many spaces are filled per day times the months your build schedule will be shortened.

Also, when there are limited call backs from other trades and the elevator is off your critical path, you will see the savings per stop.

The Modular Elevator is manufactured in the plant simultaneously as the planning and foundation work for the parking structure begins. The completely installed elevator can be placed at any time in a couple hours.

Unlike conventional elevators, Modular Elevators don’t need to be an inherent part of the Parking Structure they are servicing. Instead, they are easily attached to the existing structure, often on the exterior of the building without having to share the same foundation.

The MEM Elevator System can be customized to fit the look of the existing structure. Since security is an important concern for Parking Facilities, they can be designed as glass-backed elevators to provide passive security and other vandal resistant materials can be specified.

As with any elevator, it is recommended that a Modular Elevator be incorporated early in the project design process to accommodate the modular unit’s footprint, any building connections and required machine room space. This leads to a smooth Building Permit process (avoiding deferred submittals), eliminates any reconfiguration of the building and provides for efficient construction.

Lastly, don’t over look our decades of experience in the vertical transportation industry. Our experience with Parking Structures allows us to work closely with the Developer, Design Team and the Contractor’s Team to assure a successful Modular Elevator project.

Elevators Made Simple

Simply Put – The Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) Elevator System is an innovative solution that consists of a full conventional commercial elevator pre-installed in a Pre-Engineered Hoistway, fabricated in our production facility. It is delivered to the job-site as a complete Hydraulic Modular Elevator solution for projects with up to 75 feet of elevator travel for both interior and exterior elevator applications.

Design and Construction
Made Simple

The MEM Modular Elevator System greatly simplifies the complete elevator design and construction process. The MEM System is available for all jurisdictions. They are produced with building and elevator codes in mind. This makes them a possible solution regardless of where you want one installed. With our projects you are assured of the following:

  • Stamped Drawings and Calculations for JHA Approval
  • No Hoistway to Design or Construct
  • No Hoist Beam to Design or Construct
  • Pit Ladder is included with a Modular Elevator
  • Pit Light is included with a Modular Elevator
  • Pit GFCI is included with a Modular Elevator
  • Pit Switch is included with a Modular Elevator
  • Hall Stations are Mounted on Elevator Door Frame
  • Fire Rated Hoistway Walls Included
  • Services only need to be brought to Machine Room on the ground floor where the Modular Elevator takes it from there into the elevator pit.

Fast Track Delivery and Installation

The Modular Elevator System eliminates the delays associated conventional elevator construction that has to wait for the building to be complete before the elevator can begin to be installed.

  • A Modular Elevator Delivers approx. 20 Weeks after Approvals
  • A Modular Elevator Installs in 1 Day
  • Elevator Start-up in a Week after Services are Installed
  • Shortens the Project Critical Path

Non-Proprietary Components
Equals Life-Cycle Savings

The MEM Modular Elevator System only utilizes non-proprietary components from the major elevator component manufacturers. This offers greater flexibility to maintain the Modular Elevator system over its life without expensive long-term service contacts.

  • Non-Proprietary Components
  • Major Components from the Best Manufacturers
  • No Long-Term Service Contract Required