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Best Mid Rise Elevator

Low and Mid Rise Options

Best Mid Rise Elevator Option. Sometimes when people hear about modular and modular elevators, they think that a high quality product is not possible. Nothing could be further from the truth.

With Modular Elevator Manufacturing you always get quality regardless of the type of structure and the amount of use. MEM elevators can be placed inside or outside any type of structure. Even high traffic areas are easy for MEM. The quality is built in from the 4×4 inch tube steel to non-proprietary, industry approved and tested components. These are high-quality commercial passenger elevators.

Just as important you don’t lose control of the jobsite. The elevator in installed in a factory and then set in place on the site when you want it delivered. Once it is set, it is then set up when power is available.

This is a new and better way to install an elevator. Faster, safer, greener and more cost effective.

MEM elevators install quickly. That will allow you to control the elevator part of your building project. It also take the elevator off the critical path. For all the above reasons, MEM is the best mid rise and low rise elevator on the market today.

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