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Elevator at Sunrise

Elevator at Sunrise. Pride can be a negative. It can blind you to reality as you puff yourself up. But, on the other hand it is uplifting to see the hard work by so many at Modular Elevator Manufacturing pictured this morning in all its glory. When this was taken…there was pride in the product, the concept, the design and those that provide the best possible option for all low and mid-rise application. Maybe corny, but true. Goosebumps you bet!

Thank you MEM team! Everyday you prove you are the best. Modular Elevator Manufacturing – quality elevators taking you to a higher level.

If you want your own elevator at sunrise experience and a cost and time saving picture like this on your next project click below and get started. We promise to respond quickly with a Fast Track budget number. Keep in mind that the budget number includes the hoistway that is dropped into place. Many folks forget that the elevator comes preinstalled inside the actual steel hoistway wrapped in a mold resistant and fire resistant drywall.

Also remember that the entire elevator and all of the components are already inside. That is why the set process in the picture takes a couple hours and the startup only takes a couple of days. It really is the best system for low and mid-rise applications.

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2 thoughts on “Elevator at Sunrise

  1. Shaniqua Tillet

    The MEM elevator was perfect for us we are so glad Scott recommended it. It went in in a snap and is being used today for construction. Perfect product.

  2. Scott P

    Wonderful photograph and equally a wonderful product. I would never believed I would be selling these to our elevator customers. But I am convinced this is the best elevator for travel less than 100′ hands down.

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