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Nationwide Distribution Means MEM Growth

Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) is now distributing their high-quality modular elevators nationwide and as a result have doubled their factory floor space.

Demand for MEM is Growing

As the demand for a high-quality modular elevators has increased MEM is ready to meet that demand with a nationwide roll out of their products. Whether for schools, commercial space, hospitality, medical facilities, multi-family units or parking structures MEM can now meet the demand from the east coast to the west coast.

The key to the increased growth of MEM and new distribution effort is their desire to provide high-quality modular elevators as an alternative to traditionally build elevators. MEM President – Tom Shield is proud of the accomplishment and business milestone, “After 40 years in the construction business and over 20 years in the elevator manufacturing industry, it was time to allow our product to be sold and installed nationwide. We have a great team that knows elevators inside out and the consistent quality we provide has made this growth possible.”

He went on to say, “It is my philosophy that good business is quality business.  We do everything that we can to mitigate drama, and low quality and high drama go hand in hand. As an example of safety our EMR rating is .75, which is excellent.”

Double the Factory Floor Space

Because of the continued, steady growth MEM has acquired additional manufacturing space. The factory floor now has twice the capacity of the already successful business. The expansion allows for improvements in the manufacturing process and allows the placement of more jobs inline for completion. It is a huge expansion that MEM is ready for according to Shield, “If you are looking for a better elevator alternative and would like to consider a high-quality modular unit for mid and low-rise projects; we are ready. Our team will answer any questions and provide a Fast Track budget number in hours or over the phone if you call in. We are excited about the new factory floor space and the growth to nationwide distribution.”

Modular Elevators Are…

The modular concept for elevators is revolutionary and MEM is one of the pioneers that saw the need for safety, quality and fast set and start up. To summarize the difference between modular and stick-built you should know that they are simply conventional elevators, just unconventionally delivered and installed. Modular elevators are the hoistway, built with tough 4X4 inch HHS (Hollow Structural Steel), wrapped in mold resistant drywall to your specification with all the elevator components already inside. That means when they arrive at the site the wiring, cab, rails and other components are already inside the structure. It is then placed with a crane at the job-site in the elevator pit in less than a day and then can be started up in less than a week. This means that it takes the elevator off the critical path saving time, headaches and hassles.

Modular elevators are also extremely flexible in use and can be included in retrofit projects, modular projects or new traditional construction. Generally any time you would use a conventional elevator, a modular can be used in its place.

Lastly, when it comes to design, MEM elevators inside the cab and on the exterior of the hoistway can carry any look or feel. Architects are impressed with their flexibility. If you would like a budget number and be a part of MEM growth on a project you currently are considering, click the button below to get the process started.

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