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New Website Making Modular Easy

When you are the leader in an industry it is an obligation to educate, inform and instruct. When it comes to benefits and solutions of the products you create you must tell others. For that reason, Modular Elevator Manufacturing has launched a brand new website, modularelevator.net.

The purpose of the website is to clearly demonstrate modular elevators as the best alternative for low and mid-rise project. It is a new, easy to navigate way to increase awareness and information sharing about the modular industry and elevators.

Clarity and Truth

We also want the website to offer clarity and truth in an industry that has a faltering reputation. False claims and shoddy workmanship from some in the industry have created issues that need addressing. It was time to push back on outlandish claims harming the modular elevator business and the concept of modular itself.

We wanted it to be easy so we made pages for professionals, broken down by job title. We also have pages for each industry so product models can easily be accessed. Lastly, we now provide an easy, short Fast Track numbers form. It makes contacting us as simple as a few clicks.

The Website

So to put the new website navigation and content in a nutshell, here is what to expect:

  1. Professionals – Building owners, general contractors, architects, elevator contractors and engineers will have their own pages that clearly explains the process, provides resources and the expectations.
  2. Process – This details what we need for an analysis, how the process works and the milestones with a downloadable chart. We want informed partners that have a clear understanding of what we are doing. It is time to quit leaving people in the dark.
  3. Products – Because each industry is different, each industry has their own list of products with the components that come standard and suggestions for upgrades. The business types include: hospitality, health care, education, multi-family, commercial, parking structures and other. No more hunting for what you need it is all in one place.
  4. The Pitch – Yes we are wanting you to decide to go with a modular elevator. The reason is a modular elevator from MEM is the absolute best alternative for any low or mid-rise project. They are higher in quality, go in faster saving time and money, they are safer and greener than conventional building.
  5. Fast Track Numbers – It is as simple as one click and a handful of easy questions and you can find out the budget number for your project.

Of course this website will not be static. It will grow and information will increase as we see new needs in the industry, so check back often.

The blog

The articles area or blog will also host tons of ideas. New concepts will be spotlighted creatively. Articles will be a serious to quirky look at the largest moving object in a building. Ultimately, the website will be linked more and more to case studies and examples of how we solved problems. Easy to use and find information will be through out to help you make a wise decision regarding elevators.

One person that has reviewed the site was impressed with the information we offered and the openness of the page. They thought that maybe the competition would just copy and paste our work into their site. To us that is not important. However we do wish they would mimic our quality so the industry can grow as modular elevators are the future. We are hoping the brand new website will make it clear that MEM elevators are quality elevators taking you to a higher level.

We hope you click all the links above and explore. But, if you want to cut through all that just click the button below. In a day we can get you solid budget numbers.

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