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Trade Show Success!

Trade Show Success! – The annual CASH (Coalition for Adequate School Housing) Conference was a huge success as it is every year. It always amazes the MEM team at how each year it grows. With that growth we get to meet new people and discuss vertical transportation for schools. CASH gives us a unique opportunity to meet not only the architects and superintendents, but people that use our elevators. From them we get to see how access is improved.

Stories from the Booth

At our booth we hear the stories of replacing rusted out ramps or stairs and rickety old wheelchair lifts. For those in need and this gives us a boost of confidence and pride. Also, we are told of how we have helped save millions in additional costs. With our solution and quality elevators for new construction adding floors saves money instead of sprawling campuses.

This is not to mention the time and resources saved on the job-site when our modular elevator is chosen. We find being the best vertical transportation alternative very satisfying. We will continue to attend CASH Conferences in the future and share with our friends how we love to help.

Some Avoid CASH

As for those that do not see value in organizations like CASH. We feel it is their loss by turning their back on the needed mission. Some don’t attend so they can dodge questions about the safety of their product. Or maybe simply they don’t support California schools. We may never know. But one thing we do know is that MEM and TL Shield fully supports CASH and its mission. We look forward to a long relationship with them and the schools of California.

If you were not at the conference and part of the trade show success, but have a project in mind that we could be a part of, just click the button below for a Fast Track budget number. We would love to get started. Of course we will provide formal numbers or bid proposals at your request. Remember that MEM is the best option for any mid to low-rise building, especially California schools.

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