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Modular Builder – Even Faster

“The elevator holds everything up!” that is a common complaint among those in the modular building industry. Modular companies are growing by leaps and bounds. However, finding a way to incorporate vertical transportation quickly and smoothly was always a sticking point.

It is true that modular building is the future. It just makes sense as it means a high-quality project completed in a greener and safer way. But one of the biggest selling points with modular is the speed in which the project can be completed. Typically when you place traditional construction on a timeline there are gaps. After the permits and financing is set, the ground has to be prepped. Then the foundation is poured and infrastructure for the building brought in. Months tick by.

Meanwhile, despite the project being totally ready to go, the building makes it no further. There it sits as plans on a drawing board until the site is completely ready. Modular takes all of the waiting out of the process. The building can begin as the site is being prepped. In that way when the location is ready, modular units are ready to be immediately swung into place. It is estimated that modular building can reduce time significantly. This is because construction of the modular components can occur simultaneously with the site and foundation work. This means projects can be completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional construction.

There was just one problem

The modular process does speed things up incredibly fast, but there has been a huge fly in the ointment. The elevator. Despite advances in modular building, the elevator was mired in old-fashioned construction practices. Or the companies that built modular elevators were so low in quality that headaches outweighed any benefits of speed. Dangerous product were even being distributed. A new nationwide solution had to be created for the modular industry.

The results is MEM and we are increasing distribution to the whole nation. Now from New York to California and Florida to Alaska there is a true quality solution. A solution that is reliable and fast to set and start up.

MEM to the Rescue

As an example, realizing the need for speed and quality, MEM was called on a multi-family housing unit. It was completed on time and on budget with quality elevators. The builder’s experience had dictated that a conventional elevator NEVER gets the elevator done on time. But, they called MEM and got a taste of what we can do. Now they will never go back to any other way.

Soon modular builders will start using MEM nationwide and the complaint about the elevator holding up the project will disappear. It will be just like the solution we provided above and there will be no turning back from the quality and speed we provide.

If you have a project in mind and you are ready to try out a modular elevator, click the link below and we can give you budget numbers in a day. To fill out the Fast Track quote we just need a little simple information to get you started on a fast – safe – quality solution.

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