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Top Projects 2022 Review

Top Projects 2022 Review – 2022 was again a record breaking year for Modular Elevator Manufacturing. The Elevator Revolution is taking hold nationwide and we have several projects completed in 2022 that standout.

So below is a review of MEM’s top projects in 2022. In the list two of the projects have been nominated for the highly prestigious Modular Building Institute’s annual Awards of Distinction and several others have been recognized for their innovation, jobsite time savings and cost savings. So without further ado here are our top projects in 2022.

Making the Design Pop

The first is a nominee regarding the Awards of Distinction. It is a glass elevator that is contemporary in design for a concession area in a 1500 acre park. The designer of the project, Pop Up Park, had a vision and MEM was able to fulfill that vision and help create a beautiful space. The free-standing modular glass elevator was used due to the high seismic zone and was separated from the repurposed containers to give the additional feel of openness that a park application calls for.

Multi-Elevator Projects – No Problem

The second project on our list of top projects 2022 is also a nominee for an industry award. It truly demonstrates what the Elevator Revolution is all about. For this application the Modular Elevator System was used in a large hospital setting for multiple elevators of similar capacity and design. With repeatable design, consistency in quality and speed to use it is the best solution for any low to midrise project.

As you can see in the gallery below we solved a major issue with the speed of the project by setting fully installed, multiple elevators in one day reducing costs significantly. How much? You would be shocked.

Housing Crisis Solution

The housing crisis across the country is a national problem. Homelessness needs to be addressed quickly and with an eye towards savings without giving up quality. The MEM Elevator System came to the rescue in several affordable housing projects in 2022. Our most outstanding example was the Watts Works supportive housing project with Daylight Community Development.

Daylight is a leader in the affordable housing arena, blazing a new trail in building supportive housing faster and cheaper with maximum social impact. They were thrilled with what modular could do for the project by providing a quality elevator on time at a fair cost.

Building Educational Excellence

Schools remain a big part of what we do at Modular Elevator Manufacturing. Generally, in California if there is an elevator in a school, chances are it is the MEM Elevator System. We know the needs of a school district and how we can address those needs best.

When the Newhart Middle School started looking for an elevator MEM was the logical choice, but some thought that modular elevators could only be placed on the perimeter of the structure. This is an old canard and stems from the roots of the modular industry. But this outstanding project clearly shows the MEM System can go anywhere.

Flexibility the Key to Our Success

The last example of our top projects of 2022 speaks to the future and the importance of our flexibility. As the building industry changes and adopts alternative construction methods, how we produce our elevators matters. Our system creates a finished elevator inside a factory constructed hoistway. That allows us to stay relevant and continue to lead the elevator revolution. Because we are solutions based, it does not matter the type of construction. This demonstrates our innovation and willingness to think outside the box.

ISLA is a project made completely out of shipping containers with one exception… the MEM Elevator System. With container projects speed is of the essence, the order of the set is crucial and delays are not tolerable. MEM was more than up for the task and always is regardless of the project or challenge. We continue to demonstrate that on every project we are a part of.

Our Revolution Begins

These five Tops Projects in 2022 are just a few of the hundreds of projects we have in place. However, they demonstrate why we are considered the leader of the elevator revolution and modular elevator industry. In that revolution we place control of your project back in your hands. We cut the delays and dependency on the traditional elevator industry for you. You then have increased flexibility, quality and speed and that leads to faster occupancy. Our track record has been proven for over 20 years and can change the way you view vertical transportation for any low or midrise project.

So if you have questions or any interest in exploring further, contact us for a FAST TRACK QUOTE. If you want to explore more, we always encourage it. You can start your journey by taking a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR. During the tour we will openly show you how we produce our high quality MEM Elevator System. We will also answer any of your questions.

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