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A Childlike View – Modular Elevator

A Childlike View – Modular Elevator / Usually the posts on this blog are fact based, analytical, driven to find solutions to problems and serious. But that is not real life. I was reminded of this over the past weekend when I had the pleasure of hosting my granddaughter for a Saturday afternoon. She is just three years old and to her everything is new, a wonder, an exploration and excitement. I came to the conclusion that we all need more of that in our lives even at work. Somehow as we have matured, joy in discovery and wonder has slipped from our grasp. We replace those things with a healthy dose of skepticism, cynicism, and entrenchment. Sadly the innovation around us becomes stale, opportunities dim and adventure is cut out of the equation.

I hope that this short post wakes us from our slumber a bit and shakes us into seeing the possibilities and excitement of new opportunities. Hopefully, it will make some parallels regarding seeing the world a little less pessimistically, being open to new experiences and giving modular elevators a try. However, that is not the real purpose of the lessons learned. It is more about philosophy of life and why we need to embrace the happiness of adventure and the joy of wonder through a child’s eyes. Besides I get to post a couple photos of the cutest granddaughter in the world.

What I learned from my granddaughter on a blustery winter day:

  • Risk – With every step, jump, taste and touch comes adventure and a reward of new knowledge. With age “the same old, same old” replaces, to our detriment, pushing the envelope. With abandon she dove in head first with a willingness to try and even risk a fall. With her risk came with great reward.
  • The thrill of discovery – When we take a risk and have the right perspective from a childlike view, we step beyond our comfort zone and there is exhilaration and zest. In my line of work I see it when a builder, architect or owner sees an elevator flying overhead, placed in a couple hours and totally ready for start up. The smiles prove it. In my granddaughter I saw it in smiles as well, and giggles of joy.
  • Wonder – Seeing in her eyes the awe of coming to terms with the astounding and unfamiliar was inspiring. When she touched the huge nose of Abe Lincoln for luck (an Illinois tradition), seeing a building that looks like a real castle with jaw agape or playing with a trio of picturesque salukis statues as if real, made me want more wonder in my life as well. In construction seeing something totally different and outside of the box work just as promised can have the same result.
  • Trust – She confirmed (as told) that sprinkles really do make ice cream taste better, holding hands tight make you feel safe and knowing that when grandpa says something you can take it to the bank. It built trust that gave her confidence to stretch out beyond herself. Risk is nothing when you have someone behind you that you can trust.

Let’s not go overboard

Let’s not go too overboard on the comparison. However, think about risk, thrill, wonder and trust. We can all find those things in our lives. But when was the last time you experienced it at work. Far too often we get real comfortable between the hours of 9 to 5. We reject the new for traditional, see only downside to risk, and lose wonder and trust.

Suddenly we find ourselves trapped in patterns endlessly. Yet we wonder where all the excitement went compared to when we first got started in our careers. It is often said that, if you always do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. So, how’s that going for you? Especially regarding elevators.

A Bit of Advice

So, if you will allow me permission to offer a bit of advice.

Life is far too short to continually do the same thing day in and day out. Muddling by is not how we are wired for a full life. We strive for comfort in repetition, yet it becomes the snare we have trouble extricating ourselves from.

So stretch your legs. Take a chance. Walk to the edge. You never know, you may find joy in the view.

Thanks for taking the time to read this over. I hope you take some of it to heart where it applies. I certainly will.

Now about elevators. Just because you see the risks of modular, don’t think that we don’t do the calculations, the cost estimates, the engineering and planning. Everything is ready and the whole package is prepared. We make placing a fully installed elevator extremely easy and enjoyable. Now it is up to you to take the chance and discover more.

So the Elevator Pitch

I do feel compelled to at least mention modular elevators and the MEM Elevator System. It is the best solution for any low or midrise application. They are commercial quality and literally get installed in just a few hours.

If you would like more information or have a project in mind and would like general pricing just click the FAST TRACK button below. If you are interested, but want to learn more, click the button below for a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR. We would be glad to solve your vertical transportation woes.

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