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Modular Glass Elevator with Style

Modular Glass Elevator with Style – Modular gets associated with cookie cutter or boring design. It’s not the case at all, especially with modular glass elevators. In this case it makes the “Park” really “Pop”. It gives a great unobstructed of the 1500 acre park by utilizing a glass hoistway.

It Can Fit the Environment

The free-standing modular glass elevator was used due to the high seismic zone and was separated from the repurposed containers to give the additional feel of openness that a park application calls for.

In the photos below you can see the finished product and how much style was placed into the design and how the modular elevator was able to be used in the overall Pop Up Park theme.

Modular Glass Elevator – Perfect Fit for You?

Modular Elevator Systems are indeed flexible. They can go into the project early, late, when you want or when you need it. It is off the critical path and can be placed inside or outside as you desire. Not to mention the cost and time savings the high-quality commercial elevator affords. So, is the MEM system the perfect fit for you? Yes. The MEM Modular Elevator System is the elevator you have been waiting for.

So if you have a low to mid-rise project, contact us for a FAST TRACK QUOTE. If you want to explore more, we encourage it. You can start your journey by taking a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR. During the tour we will openly show you how we produce our high quality MEM Elevator System. We will also answer any of your questions.

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