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Modular Elevator Innovation Changes Everything

The biggest innovation since Otis cut the rope.

Modular Elevator Innovation – There are a few inventions that become moments in history that change everything. The Wright brother’s first flight, Guttenberg’s printing press and Edison’s light bulb are at the top of the list. But one moment rarely considered is the time Elias Otis cut a rope on a suspended the elevator at the 1853 World’s Fair. On that fateful day when the cable was severed the elevator did not fall due to his unique braking system. The elevator became safe and the world was able to build up creating skyscrapers and a new city lifestyle beyond four-stories.

However, since that great leap ahead, the elevator has remained largely stagnant in how it is installed in a building.

Click for a short video on the elevator revolution.

Designers, architects and engineers have been trapped into placing a tower in the midst of the project and after nearly everything is finished, the project is turned over to the elevator mechanic. They come and go as they will and one piece at a time the elevator is built from scratch from crates of parts inside the hoistway.

Hoistway sits for months delaying the project.
This hoistway took months to build due to weather delays. It just sat there for weeks on end. The modular elevator on the right was installed in a couple hours.
The modular timeline reduces the total time of the project.

That laborious, inefficient process is carried out anytime a multi-story project is built. This slows completion, wastes resources and can greatly expand the time that it takes to allow occupancy. But this building mess can be cleaned up through the use of a modular elevator. The modular elevator innovation changes everything.

This innovation is not new. After the passage of the Americans with Disability Act a group got together and thought through the conundrum of providing vertical transportation quickly at a cost that would allow more access. Their idea included building a steel hoistway that could be placed in hours with all of the elevator components already installed inside. The concept was perfect, but execution was lacking.

Improvement is Part of Innovation

From an elevator installer’s perspective significant improvements could be made to reduce time, increase quality and diminishing inefficiencies even more. T.L Shield and Associates president, Tom Shield took up the challenge and the birth of the first true and practical modular elevator was developed. Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) was founded and mass factory production of the MEM Elevator System began. Tom Shield said about the process, “We never set out to create an elevator revolution, we just wanted to solve problems to vertical transportation for builders and installers. We feel we have accomplished that goal.”

“We never set out to create an elevator revolution, we just wanted to solve problems…”

Tom Shield – MEM President

As the market expanded additional innovation has been tested and accepted leading to the high-quality alternative to conventional elevators we have today. Shield said, “It has been a long road to market acceptance, but nationwide people are seeing the modular elevator as a solution to many of their problems and we continue to project significant growth.”

Growth Continues for MEM

The stead increase in market share continues as architects, designers, project managers and building owners see the value in controlling their projects, cutting general construction costs and having occupancy faster than with old-fashioned traditional elevator installation.

Your Turn to Consider Modular Elevator Innovation

As you can see Modular Elevator Innovation has led to an alternative that has been accepted and should be considered prior to any multilevel project. To reduce time, costs and headaches, we have a solution for your project woes regarding the elevator.

The modular elevator is not just a quick tip up for the outside of a building. It can be banked with other elevators and fitted with any design. Our commercial quality elevators can be used in retrofit or new construction just like traditional elevators, they just don’t come with the same baggage.

So if you would like to explore more, you can schedule a live virtual online tour and see first hand how we produce our modular elevators. You are also welcome to visit us in person as well. Just let us know when you are available.

Lastly, if you have a project in mind and would like to explore your total costs and benefits regarding our modular elevator complete a request for a Fast Track Quote. In about 24 hours, we will provide you with a thumbnail quote and get your project started. Just click one of the links below.

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