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The Elevator Type You Need

Hope On Avalon/Los Angeles, CA – When it comes choosing the elevator type for any job, Modular Elevator Manufacturing will help. We are not a one size fits all elevator company, trying to shoehorn projects into a singular kind of elevator. Also our vast experience and knowledge helps guide during the project in making the best choices.

That’s the case at our current elevator jobsite at the Hope On Avalon project in Los Angeles. On that project we partnered with Ed Grush – project general contractor, KTGY – project architect, Silver Creek Industries – modular supplier and Danny Moizel at HGB Modular – consultant. Working with that group is like working with the dream team of construction and all were a joy to work with. They are each knowledgeable, experienced, have well run organizations and are leaders in the construction industry and modular industry as well.

The Project

They came to us needing a 5-story elevator for a transitional and supportive housing project. The solution was a stackable hoistway and an in-ground hydraulic jack. Setting the fully installed elevator was complete in just a couple hours. We were glad to be a part of the project.

Using an in-ground jack was the best solution for the project. It has a fast, smooth ride that will serve the purposes well. The cab is made of tough Galvaneal steel with vandal resistant hall calls and buttons. It will handle the rigors of service for decades. We do not use wood core or particle board with the MEM Elevator System. Galvaneal reduced mold issues, chipping, breaking and warping that can occur with wood core cabs.

As you can see in the video, the hoistway is built with tough 4X4 inch steel meeting all requirements. All the elevator components are installed and then it is wrapped in drywall ready for cladding. The elevator and jack arrive on a truck and then the in-ground jack is simply lowered into the pre-drilled hole. The elevator bottom section is placed on top. Then, the upper section is lowered in the same way and connected. The right elevator for the right job. Fast and ready for electric and start up.

Supportive Housing Benefits from the MEM Elevator System

The mission of this project is important. The elevator and the Hope on Avalon project are crucial to combat the growing homelessness issues in Los Angeles. There are several benefits for supportive housing with the MEM system:

  • No onsite elevator installation slowing the project. Manufacturing is in the factory.
  • No elevator crew, elevator parts and no elevator tools getting in the way of the other trades.
  • Use as a construction elevator is possible. Two elevators for the price of one.
  • Quick start up – the process only takes about a week.
  • You don’t have to call back other trades to finish entrances. The MEM System comes factory drywalled and ready to finish. This saves thousands per entrance.
  • Safer – Fewer people coming and going means fewer injuries. Also, there are no open shaft doors to fall through like with traditional elevators.
  • Greener – Modular is much greener than traditional construction.
  • Same parts, higher quality. Most elevator companies regardless of the nameplate have the same parts and components. The MEM System has factory advantages of tight tolerances. This produces higher quality.
  • Faster, faster, faster. And isn’t that the point. You get the elevator when you need it base on your timing, your project and your needs. The elevator is off the critical path and occupancy can happen much faster.

Hope on Avalon Might Be Your Solution Too

In conclusion, it maybe time to explore the possibilities further regarding supportive housing elevators. Let’s see if the MEM Elevator System can meet your needs. We would love to be a part of recommending an elevator type that suits your project best. You can click the button below for a Fast Track Quote for a project you currently are working on. However, if you want to explore it more, request a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR. We would be happy to pull back the curtain. We will show you how we produce the industry’s most successful modular elevator solution.

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2 thoughts on “The Elevator Type You Need

  1. Jackson Blake

    Silver Creek made this all so easy. We are very happy to see them on the job and the elevator.

    • Russ Ward

      Silver Creek does make it easy. They really understand the process completely. That makes everything easy, even the elevator.

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