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Placing your elevator order now will save you time and money.

Place your elevator order now. There are three distinct dynamics currently at play right now at Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM). These dynamics may come into play regarding your elevator order. They may influence when you pull the trigger so we want to be up front in all respects.

We are facing challenges just like most of the construction industry with supply issues and inflation. Elevators are unique, but not unique enough to avoid basic economics. So the current climate inevitably leads to the following question. When do you pull the trigger and OK the elevator order? You know you need one…so when do you start the process. Below are some things to consider.

Honesty is Best

First, we recognize that times are tough or at least getting that way. These tough times extend to all your suppliers us included. As a result we want to let you know everything we can to keep you informed. See, we understand the dilemma you are in and want to be real clear and honest about the market now and how it will effect your building project. So here are three important things to think about regarding timing of the elevator order. Consider the following:

  • We have never been busier. The MEM Elevator System has increased in sales consistently to the point of doubling the size of our factory floor last year. Our growth is not slowed by Covid or supply chain issues. Also, we are by far the largest producer of modular elevators due to our high standards, quality and experience. Our output will be nearly quadruple our nearest competitor. I say that to tell you the sooner we know about your project, your spot can be reserved in our queue. Sooner is better than later.
  • Inflation is here and we have been able to hold off on a major increase for some time. However, things continue to put pressure on us and every other person in the construction industry as well. To assist you in your planning and budget, if we receive your commitment for the purchase of an elevator we will lock your price in regardless of the delivery date regarding inflation.
  • You must reduce costs where you can. Use the permanent, high-quality MEM Elevator System for your construction elevator. When delivered at the beginning of a project, it can be up and running when we have power and it passes inspection. It can save you the additional cost of having to have a construction elevator added to the project. Once the project is complete it will be converted over and made ready for public use.

What this Means for Your Elevator Order

Explaining point one in more detail. There is a myth floating around out there that an elevator can be produced in less than eight weeks. Lead times for the components alone blows that old canard out of the water. It is simply not true and if it would be possible, I’m not sure I’d ride in it. How the process really works in the modular industry is the elevator begins production based on the delivery date.

“We know deliver dates change and you don’t have a crystal ball! But it is crucial to get your project in line early.”

We simply count backwards based on the time it takes to get high-quality parts delivered and for production to occur. That is when we place your elevator in line for production. Yes, some components are produced in our factory, but like discussed in other blog posts, elevator components come from just a handful of companies. So we set the day of production beginning when the parts will arrive and so production finishes when you need the elevator. Simple math allows for you to get your elevator when you need it, not before or after. As our queue is constantly filling and emptying letting us know early by placing your order gives us more flexibility. The earlier we know we are producing your elevator the better. We know deliver dates change and you don’t have a crystal ball! But it is crucial to get your project in line early.

The MEM System provides a high quality standard elevator. It can also be used as a construction hoist.

The “I” Word – Inflation

The second point is more difficult on everyone. If you don’t believe me, step outside and look at a gas station sign. The cost of everything delivered has been on a steady rise. Inflation is not “transitory” as first errantly promised and is probably here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The elevator industry has been somewhat shielded from the rise as only around 10,000 elevators are sold in the US every year. It seemed like there may have been enough chips, ropes, and buttons to go around, but supply is tightening.

So far we have done our best to hold the line, but it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid costs being passed on to us from others. That means if you are at a stage of where locking the elevator in is possible…do it now. Of course we would want you to lock in the MEM Modular Elevator System, but it is wise advise regardless.

Savings to Combat Cost Increases

The last point from above. With all construction costs set to increase, finding savings is crucial. Depending on the job, you may well be able to draw a line through an item completely in your budget. If you use the MEM Elevator for the construction elevator as well we save you money. But, keep in mind the first two points hold regarding timing and inflation. Lock in your elevator order now.

Just the Facts

Nothing can be more irritating than facts especially if you don’t like them. But, this blog post laid out the facts about an elevator order and the need to think it through quickly. Because although this is about MEM, it is largely the same throughout the elevator industry (here’s an article). Prices are going to increase.

We can help you with your decision making process by giving you a live virtual tour of our factory where you can ask any question and get clear answers. To sign up click the button below. We can and will discuss any questions you have.

If you do have a project in mind and would like information on pricing, logistics, quality or our process just give us some general information. We will respond back with thumbnail prices and be ready to answer any of your questions of concerns.

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