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Elevator Pain Diagnosis

Elevator Pain Diagnosis – Our goal is to revolutionize the elevator industry and make improvements for everyone. We are not happy with the current reputation of the elevator industry and this is part of our ongoing effort to correct problems by identifying elevator pain. But, we need you! So please read on to help us change the elevator industry for the better.

The MEM Team

We have all been there. Sitting on a paper covered, padded vinyl table with nothing more on than a flimsy, backless gown that doesn’t fit quite right. As we awkwardly fidget back and forth, trying to get comfortable and avoid the cold spots on the table, we know there is something wrong that needs special attention.

We need to get rid of the pain we have been facing, but because we are stubborn or embarrassed or both, we tend to ignore the misery just hoping it will go away. As the constant discomfort begins to needle us more and more, we finally have to breakdown and try to do something about it. So we go to the exam room and after a long wait the doctor finally strolls in and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Where does it hurt?”

Elevator Pain

It is a funny question because we have already told the receptionist where it hurts, the nurse, our significant other, and anyone else that would listen to us complain. But now we are speaking to someone that can actually get to the root of the problem and make the pain, hopefully, disappear–so we tell our tale of woe.

Glass elevators are a specialty of the MEM Elevator System.

It seems with elevators and construction projects there is pain as well, but there are no experts looking for the root problem to the pain we face. But no one doubts when it comes to a multi-story project there’s a sizable amount of it. Just like the pain we feel when we have a doctor’s visit, we have told countless others about the constant throb that drives us to the brink of insanity. It is real and not unusual as it is universal to the construction industry, yet the problem seems to be undiagnosed and outside of our grasp. In the whole of the construction industry, there is nothing that slows down a project more or creates more friction than the elevator. That said how do we get relief?

Tell Us Where It Hurts

It starts with assessing the pain. The list of pain points is exhausting: “We were promised a fully functioning elevator in three months,” “The cost is not what was promised,” “I am being change ordered to death,” “I call and call and no one ever answers even basic questions,” “The bad weather is delaying the elevator,” “The elevator company has halted all other construction until they are done,” “Missing parts slows the project,” “It seems the elevator company is working against us instead of with us,” “Why must they take up so much room on the site?” and more and more and more.

Each of these problems are typical and create issues that mean delays, cost over runs, and pain for all parties involved. But we are going to start doing something about it. But we need you to tell us where it hurts.

Let’s Do Some Tests

You are a leader in the construction industry. It is why you get the monthly newsletter. And we are the largest manufacturer of modular Elevators. For too long there has been a disconnect between your trade and the elevator industry. It seems we are almost speaking different languages.

Both of us seem to be missing each other in the planning, coordination, installation and start up. But that does not mean we have to accept it or live with it anymore. We can improve and to do so we are looking for some help in closing the information gap. 

Ultimately, we would love to put together a guidance document for elevators in general, establish a professional group and have open forums to assist both industries with coordination and integration. However, we know and understand the value of your time. So, to get the conversation started we were hoping a simple five question poll could get us pointed in the right direction.  

We hope you will help. The elevator industry has not been a very good partner in many ways, so you will not hurt our feelings by being blunt. We know making systemic changes will take honest dialog and we are willing to listen.

Here is a link to the survey. It should take less than five minutes to complete. Remember it is a starting point and we will share all of the results to begin understanding each other.

Just in case you want to see what we do, you can click to schedule a tour. Or if you are intrigued by us you can get a fast track quote.

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