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Modular Elevators Inside

This month we are focusing on modular elevators inside the building. Believe it or not one of the most common questions we face is can the MEM Elevator System be placed inside a building?

Why So Confusing?

When the product was developed as a response to the Americans with Disabilities Act in the 1980’s the concept was to provide a vertical transportation solution as fast as possible. To that end, it seemed logical (and probably was) to just set the elevator next to the building. Then just cut the holes for the elevator doors and just like that a fully installed elevator in no time. The concept worked and worked well and became synonymous with exterior placement. However after seeing the success, quality and speed people started asking for modular elevators inside the building in new and retrofit projects.

Also, the confusion is partially my fault. I have been the sole marketer for the modular elevator industry for quite sometime. So, I would be remiss if I did not take blame. But I have a good reason…it just made better visual sense to tell the modular elevator story where you could plainly see the hoistway standing along side the building. My bad.

So to make up for my shortcomings below are a few projects inside buildings.

Modular Elevators Inside and Outside

You will notice they can be in the middle of a large room or seamlessly built into a wall. It does not matter. They still go in the same way.

Usually, early in the project once the foundation is poured and the pit is completed the elevator is craned into place. The building is then constructed around the fully installed modular elevator. To make things even easier the MEM Elevator System comes with a fully drywalled hoistway inside and out.

In the video below you can see how fast and easy it is to place an elevator and build around it. Check out the elevator being placed at about 20 seconds in. The second elevator (that was also used as a construction elevator) is placed at the 59 second mark.

When it comes to retrofit projects, when the building is ready to receive the elevator a hole is cut in the ceiling and at each floor. The elevator is then slipped in with no problems.

So regardless of your project, if you are needing a midrise elevator we are your solution. Modular elevators inside, outside, new or retrofit we are your solution.

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