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Modular Works for Watts Works

Modular works for Watts Works. Modular and modular elevators are a perfect fit.

Modular works for Watts Works. Can it work for you? Watts Works, an affordable housing project in Southern California demonstrates, the need for modular building and modular elevators.

The Need is Critical

As the need for supportive housing is immediate, speed is of the essence. Also, costs are important to minimize especially with limited local, county and state resources available.

The logical solution to providing fast, cost conscience housing is modular. In the case of Watts Works, shipping containers became the primary component. The design was completed and production of the units began even before the foundation was set. Also, using shipping containers factory outfitted with kitchen appliances and largely finished interiors made the project much faster. The units are then set quickly and efficiently. Also, the cost is significantly less. That is no theory but the experience of Aaron Sassounian, Partner with Daylight Community Development.

We Need More Daylight

Sassounian said “We want to be good custodians for the tax payers, but provide quality housing and get people in the units as quickly as possible.”

That is the vision of Daylight Community Development. They are specialists in affordable housing and their overriding passion is to end chronic homelessness in Los Angeles. They use every tool at their disposal including recent zoning and regulation changes. Financing the construction also takes outside of the box thinking by using any available public funding sources. Daylight also believes that modular construction is key to fast, on-time completion with a modular elevator being the final piece to the puzzle.

Daylight is a leader in the affordable housing arena, blazing a new trail in building supportive housing faster and cheaper with maximum social impact.

The understanding of the totality of the building process from design, development, construction and financing makes Daylight vital. Daylight is a leader in the affordable housing arena, blazing a new trail in building supportive housing faster and cheaper with maximum social impact.

The Elevator – A Critical Path

In every build the elevator is a critical part of the project. That is because it is one of the items on the critical path that can cause more headaches, confusions and delays than nearly any other building component. That makes a high-quality elevator crucial. It must also go in when the builder needs it on their time schedule and is started up quickly. The MEM Elevator System accomplishes that quite well. But just as important there needs to be an open line of communication between the elevator manufacturer, the contractor, architect and developer. (Continued below the photos.)

The installer on this project was TLShield sister company to Modular Elevator Manufacturing. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Hugo Beltran was the lead contact. Sussounian said, “Hugo was super responsive and easy to work with. He talked us through the process making it a great experience.” MEM and TLShield helped keep the project on time and on budget.

Combing the product with superior customer service means that together the MEM Elevator System and Daylight Community Development will continue to partner to address the homeless problem. Proof of the partnership is three more projects are already in development with the MEM Elevator System speced in. (Continued below the Photos.)


So, modular indeed worked for Watts Works to help combat the housing and homeless crisis and will continue to be a part of Daylight in the future…can work for you as well. Do you have a project with a strict deadline and little forgiveness if it is missed? Do you have a project where speed and savings is important and you are tired of excuses and delays? We are your solution.

We will work with you, provide high quality, speed, possible savings and responsiveness. Things that you probably won’t find elsewhere in the elevator industry. So if you have a low to mid-rise project, contact us for a FAST TRACK QUOTE. If you want to explore more, we encourage it. You can start your journey by taking a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR. During the tour we will openly show you how we produce our high quality MEM Elevator System. We will also answer any of your questions.

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