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Hospitality Needs the Best Lead Time

Hospitality Needs the Best Lead Time – Usually, I try to begin a post with a soft approach. It pulls the reader in and makes for a better read. But there is no soft-peddling or easing into this one. Plainly put the MEM Elevator System has the best elevator lead time in the construction industry today. It really is that simple. Once all the preliminary work is complete we can deliver a fully installed, ready to start up, commercial quality elevator in less than 6 months. Crunching that lead time is exactly what the hospitality industry needs (See our latest project at a Disney Resort).

But beyond delivering a fully installed elevator when you need it, when it comes to hotels all your specific requirements can be addressed with the MEM Elevator System. Ultimately, for low and mid-rise projects there is no better option that has the reliability and flexibility you need. This includes all building types including modular, storage containers, stick-built, reinforced concrete or any other type of construction.

We can produce elevator cabs to any specs you wish and glass elevators are easy, for us. The units can be for new construction or retrofit projects. They can be on the exterior of the building or on the interior. Placement doesn’t matter. MEM can provide exactly what you need.

With our process you get your elevator when you need it. A fully-installed high-quality commercial elevator can be placed on your site in less than four hours.


  • Faster occupancy with fewer call backs and re-mobilization of other trades. It is estimated we can save $40,000 an opening.
  • Decades of experience goes into every MEM Elevator System. We are not new and have hundreds of units in use.
  • Get your elevator when you need it, off the critical path – Set early in the project or late, save on general conditions.
  • Buy one, get one. The MEM System can be used as a construction hoist as well.
  • In place by lunchtime when there was only an empty pit that morning.

How We Do It

It is a real simple process. We know precisely how long the manufacturing process takes from start to finish. You tell us when you would like the unit or units delivered and we back the start of manufacturing to meet your schedule. That easy.

You keep us updated regarding any changes so there are no surprises. When the start date rolls around we manufacture the hoistway and wrap it in the appropriate amount of drywall per code. Then the elevator rails and entrances are installed. Simultaneously, the cab is being built to your specification. All the wiring is being completed. Then the cab is inserted, final prep is done and your elevator is delivered and ready for start up and inspection.

It Is Time To Contact Us

It is more than time to end all the headaches you face with the elevator portion of your project. There is no reason it has to be so complex and filled with so many problems and delays. We have started a revolution with our design and process so join the revolution.

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