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Modular Elevator Disney Solution

Disney, the world class entertainment company, prides itself on cutting edge solutions, quality, and consistency. So, it is no wonder that the House of Mouse has found a solution to elevator woes. Modular elevator and Disney are a perfect match. But they are not alone. Everyone in the construction industry is constantly trying to find a way to deal with slowness and unresponsiveness of the traditional elevator companies. Disney found a fully installed elevator can be placed on the jobsite in less than four hours.

As you can see in the video to the left, the elevator arrives on a flatbed truck with the elevator jack. The jack is then placed in the pre-drilled hole and then the fully installed elevator is lowered into place. Everything is ready to go from the doors and entrances to awnings on the exterior. All the wiring is already in place as well as the fully constructed elevator car.

This is the perfect solution for any low or mid-rise application. And the MEM Elevator System is not just relegated to modular projects or parking garages.

Modular Elevators for Any Project

Flexibility is the key

The Disney project was specifically for a resort that needed access to a parking garage. However, the flexibility of our modular elevators goes far beyond that limited use in both type of construction and vertical markets.

For instance our elevators have been used in affordable housing projects, educational institutions from elementary schools to major universities, medical facilities, commercial buildings, and more.

When it comes to types construction for a project, there are no limits. Do you have a stick built project? We can be your solution. Modular? We are a perfect fit. Steel frame? Absolutely. And of course concrete construction.

How can there be such flexibility? Because in most cases the MEM Elevator System is designed to be a free standing structure meet all local codes regardless of earthquake or wind concerns.

Our Elevator System is flexible enough for any design challenge. So, contact us and be a part of the elevator revolution we are leading. For more info on solutions for you, click the button below for a FAST TRACK QUOTE. If you want to explore more just sign up for a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR of our facility. We are open and willing answer questions and have discussions on viability for your project.

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  1. Steven Sommer

    we are interested in learning more about your Modular elevator and its use in NYC please advise if you have done an application in New York City

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