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Best Mid Rise Elevator Option. Having definitions is real important when talking about elevators and especially when you are gauging whether a modular elevator could meet your needs. With that said, conversations regarding what constitutes a low or mid-rise elevator inclutwo dynamics. First, is number of stops. The second is total travel distance.

When looking at the vast number of elevators out there, when you say two or three stops, you know what you are talking about. A short ride of ten to twenty feet or low rise. And yes all elevators have at least two stops. An old joke in the elevator industry is if you have just one stop in an elevator you have an expensive broom closet. Every elevator has at a minimum 2 stops. So all low rise elevators are two to three stops? Right?

Not so fast. The middle elevator pictured above has just two stops. But as you can see it is a longer ride than you would picture. It is nearly 80 feet of travel. So number of stops is not the best measure to determine if an elevator is a low or mid rise. As a matter of fact are express elevators in high rises that travel hundreds of feet with just two or three stops.

A much better measure is total travel distance

As you can see in the diagram to the left total travel distance is the distance from the lowest finished floor to the highest finished floor. It makes no difference when making this measurement how many stops there are. This is a much better way to identify if an elevator is a low or mid rise elevator.

When defining low or mid rise for the modular elevator industry it can usually be safe to say that somewhere around eighty to one-hundred feet is the cutoff for a mid rise elevator. Anything taller than that and modular is not a serious contender.

It is no wonder that people are trying to shoehorn a modular into their project as there are a myriad of benefits. First and foremost they are the high quality solution. The elevator arrive to the jobsite as a fully factory installed elevator in a prefabricated hoistway. You get all the benefits of manufacturing precision delivered when you need it. MEM is a high quality product.

With Modular Elevator Manufacturing you always get quality regardless of the type of structure and the amount of use. MEM elevators can be placed inside or outside any type of structure. Even high traffic areas are easy for MEM. The quality is built in from the 4×4 inch tube steel to non-proprietary, industry approved and tested components. These are commercial passenger elevators.

MEM elevators are faster, safer, greener and more cost effective. They install quickly. That will allow you to control the elevator part of your building project. It also takes the elevator off the critical path. For all the above reasons, MEM is the best mid rise and low rise elevator on the market today.

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