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Best Argument for a Modular Elevator

Best Argument for a Modular Elevator – I am very lonely in my job as a marketing professional in the world of modular elevators, because at last count, I am it. If there is a new one out there, welcome to the revolution. But, for now its just me.

The reason I bring that up is single handedly I have written hundreds of articles supporting the modular elevator industry and I am on the constant look for two things. First, a new perspective or way to spark interest, hone my argument or new way to discuss the modular elevator industry. Second, help. This comes in the form of any supporting information, blogs, studies, whitepapers or reports. I scour the internet and other resources constantly and as a result, with the help of one of our team members, ran across a great new article. It was surprising help from an unlikely source.

Unlikely Source

A LinkedIn contributor that goes by Dr. Michael Simmons, DBA wrote a very concise and clear, step-by-step description of what a typical hydraulic elevator installation looks like. This is not a modular installation mind you, but a traditional run-of the-mill elevator install. The article is entitled How Do They Do It? Hydraulic Elevator Edition and I encourage you to take a look at it. It is 1000 words of exactly all the steps that have to take place to install an elevator with the traditional installation method.

So why did I find the Best Argument for a Modular Elevator in an article about a regular elevator installation? Because it proves beyond any shadow of doubt, in simple and clear terms, the lunacy of traditionally installing an elevator. The antiquated process comes with a myriad of problems and challenges that frustrates the building owner or build team. Below are just some challenges taken from the article.

Traditional installs have the following challenges:

  • All the parts, pieces and components are off-loaded in the middle of your building project. All the tools as well. They then leave and come back when they want to begin work, but in the mean time and during the months long process the building owner is responsible for security.
  • The installers and other trades have to work around creates of stuff but also dangerous openings for the doors at each stop. Loss of life and significant delays create problems.
  • The reliance on fall protection and use of ladders in the hoistway.
  • Heavy backbreaking rails must be manhandled into place.
  • There is no quality control as primary components are cobbled together in tight spaces that are hard to inspect. Some things will never get completely checked by others. If they do, it is after the job is complete.
  • Construction crews have to wait for entrances to be installed and then be called back. Rock and tape, flooring contactors, paint crews and others have to return at additional cost. The cost of this antiquated practice has been estimated to be as much as $40,000 per door opening.
  • Dropped tools, parts and components in the hoistway are a significant danger and time waster.
  • The cab is constructed inside the cramped hoistway. Quality can greatly suffer. People build ships in bottles for fun, not because it is practical.
  • All the wiring and piping takes place on the jobsite getting in the way of other trades and subject to availability of power and access. This causes delays and headaches.

These are just a few of the potential injury risks, ways the project can be delayed, inefficiencies that come with the the process and challenges regarding quality. Modular elevators are completely different.

The Difference Makes Sense

With an MEM Elevator System the commercial quality elevator is manufactured in a factory with quality controls and constant inspection. First, the hoistway is built with jigs and precise templates to assure it is always plumb and level. Once the hoistway is finished and wrapped in drywall for fire protection according to code, doors and entrances are factory installed.

Meanwhile the elevator sling and cab are being built in a separate location in the factory. High quality Galvanneal steel is used for the cab walls to ensure durability and longevity. During assembly our build team can freely walk around the cab as it is being built and precise jigs are used to ensure a perfect fit in the hoistway everytime.

The wiring is complete in the factory as well.

The last step is to insert the cab into the the hoistway. Done.

The benefits are tremendous. The quality is higher, inspections can be completed throughout the process, it greener as there is less waste, and there is no interference with other trades or reliance on others to complete the elevator. When you need it, it is craned into place and that’s it. The process is so fast the elevator can be used as a construction lift saving even more time and money. You get the elevator when you need it not at the arbitrary timing of an elevator company.

Skip to the End

If you took the time to read the article that gave me significant help and inspired my post, think about it. All of the headlines in the article contain the various steps of a traditional install. With modular elevators they can all be skipped! No headache for you as you can simple draw a line through elevator on your to do list. We take care of everything making it the easiest way to have an elevator in your building. The only step we need is adjustment and inspection once power is on. That’s it. You get to skip to the end.

This means that the elevator is off the critical path and not getting in the way of all the other trades on site. Also, crews won’t waste even a second waiting to finish around entrances. That work can be done in sequence. Lastly, this means you save time, money and countless headaches. It is the best argument ever for a modular elevator.

MEM Revolution Continues

As you can see, the modular concept for elevators is revolutionary, but this concept is not new. We have been at it for a long time and have hundreds of elevators installed nationally. Also, we are pioneers in the elevator industry seeing a need and creating a great solution. The old elevator industry needed improving in safety, quality and fast start up and we did it. Something that would takes weeks with traditional installation now takes a few hours. Its time to join the Revolution.

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