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We Understand Elevators for You

We Understand Elevators for You. With our experience we can assist you choose the right solution.

We Understand Elevators for You – Elevators are a niche within a niche. Or a subsector of construction that no one really understands and maybe they shouldn’t. Think about it, in the US there are around 10,000 new commercial elevators installed each year.

Yet the construction industry as a whole is huge in comparison. It is more than 4% of the national GDP, and there was $1.823 trillion dollars in total construction in 2023. Lastly there are roughly 8 million employees in the construction industry. Yet only about 108,000 are in the elevator industry. That’s less than 1.5%! Elevator folks are a small exclusive club and they know it.

The upshot is that a vast majority of construction employees, architects and building owners know precious little about elevators because they don’t deal with them very often. So, honestly there is little reason for them to understand them. Most construction professionals rarely deal with elevators as they are, in context of the entire construction industry, rarely installed.

So when you have a project that must have or probably should have an elevator what are you to do?

Your Options Are Limited

Over the past decade or so I have come to a profound conclusion. The general construction industry, from architects to the people that swing hammers for a living, hate the elevator industry. This is due to a lack of trust and a bit of arrogance in the elevator industry. And hate is not too strong a word. We did a construction industry-wide poll and it revealed exactly that. There has a been a break in trust. This break in trust is especially pronounced in dealing with the big elevator companies. They tend to be in the habit of hiding vital information and realities of the trade from their customers.

We have been in the modular elevator business for over two decades with decades more experience prior to that in vertical transportation. But more importantly, we understand elevators for you.

This lack of transparency has repercussions. Although you can download drawings online and talk to a salesperson (when you can get a hold of them) there seems to be little desire on the part of big elevator companies to get into the vital details of your project.

They want you to throw up a hoistway and then wait for them to complete the work when they want to. This process was fine for the 1900’s, but it’s infuriating today. A revolution was more than needed in the vertical transportation industry and alternatives were developed. These alternatives maybe a better fit for your project, but how do we mend fences and overcome the trust issue? To take advantage of possible alternatives like modular elevators, a new way needs to be fashioned to revive the elevator industry and meet the needs of the customer.

Trust must be rebuilt.

Modular Elevator Manufacturing – On a Different Path

To build back trust we felt a completely different approach was needed that broke with the old pattern of the elevator industry. We have determined that open, clear, responsive, and honest information about your specific project is best. Through this approach we will rebuild trust and develop relationships that will better improve the relationships that seem to have been lost.

It begins with the premise that we understand elevators. Rest assured we do. We have been in the modular elevator business for over two decades with decades more experience prior to that in vertical transportation. But more importantly, we understand elevators for you. We know you do not have the time nor inclination to know all you need to know about elevators. We do, and our approach of full transparency throughout the entire process will let you see the difference. It will also build back the trust in the elevator industry. That trust has been lost over the years by dominance by an old out of dated philosophy and processes. But we at Modular Elevator Manufacturing are claiming it back through communication.

We Will Revolutionize Elevators

It is our goal as a company to revolutionize the elevator business. But this can only be accomplished with your help. You may leap to the conclusion this means you have to buy our product… we would love that. But that is not our goal. Our goal is to have open and transparent conversations about your project. So we want you to bring the hard questions. Ask us about how the unit fits in your plans, the engineering or even whether you need an elevator at all.

We Understand Elevators for You. Modular or not we can help.

Those discussions will lead to a new perspective on the mysteries of the elevator industry and demystify it so you can make better decisions for your your specific project or projects.

That reformation of the elevator industry may lead to increased sales… or it may not. But we feel with more trust in the elevator industry it will improve our odds. So, if you have a project coming up and a low to mid-rise elevator is in the plans, but you need a discussion please contact us. Whether you think a modular elevator is the solution of not, we will discuss your project to help you. A great place to start and for simple numbers to compare costs, click on the button below for a FAST TRACK QUOTE. That will being the dialog.

Also, part of our effort to be transparent includes a live virtual tour of our manufacturing facility. Click that button to sign up.

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