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Elevator Engineering Services – When you start looking at an elevator for your projects, often times the engineering is a mystery and it is easy to feel neglected. Sure, all elevator companies have downloadable plans, but sometimes that is the only information you the building owner, architect or engineer are privy to until it is too late. Then any changes or issues are on you.

To address that problem in the elevator industry we felt a revolution was needed. That meant frontloading the discussions about placement, engineering, hoistway size, cab size and capacity to the front of the process. We do this in a collaborative meeting with all the parties needed called an engineering/design charrette.

A great example of how we help was in a recent engineering charrette.

How it Went

The building owner wanted as large an elevator as possible attached to the exterior of the existing structure and at first blush, it appeared as if a larger gurney compliant elevator could be placed. This is despite it being only a two-stop building that code did not require a gurney sized elevator at all. They downloaded the plans from our website and dropped them into place. But then the architect and engineer dug a little deeper and found some problems leading to some serious questions.

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The hoistway was going to be just a little bit too wide.

The meeting or charrette was schedule and through working together all the questions were answered and simple solutions were discovered. In just one short meeting we were all on the same page. The project went forward, the architectural plans were updated and the project was scheduled for manufacturing. The adjustments also went to our engineering team to make the proper alterations. We then shared our engineering with the customer.

Everyone was happy and everyone had all their questions answered.

For the Low, Low Price…

When you think outside of the box instead and are willing to communicate instead of obfuscate things generally go very smooth. That is how we see it and why we are leading an elevator revolution.

But that consultation was not something special or out of the ordinary. We provide that service on all of our projects. We want each elevator project to go smooth and so it only makes sense. And get this, if you want engineering completed early and a meeting to go over everything in your package… it is still a part of the total package price. There are no added fees or charges for completing engineering or having the design/engineering charrette

We Hope This Makes a Difference

If you like that we are making a significant changes to a historically stubborn industry. Then consider contacting us for a pricing or a factory tour. Just click one of the buttons below. We are looking forward to you joining the elevator revolution.

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