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We Are More Than Modular

We Are More Than Modular – With the big win at the World of Modular conference where we won two trophies, it is easy to think our MEM Elevator System is only for modular construction projects. Yes, the first place Award of Distinction was for a park concession area that was built totally with shipping containers. And the runner up Award of Distinction was for a traditional modular build. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that Modular Elevator Manufacturing creates its award winning elevator solutions for just the modular industry.

The Options Are Endless

Far from it. All sectors of the construction industry can benefit from the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective commercial quality elevator solution. It is for everyone. Our projects can include retrofit elevator installation to new construction.

One of our recent retrofit projects was placed on the exterior of a production facility. It went up so quick that the construction elevator was taken down with the benefit of the savings going to the owners. The elevator could have just as easily been placed in the interior of the build by cutting a hole in the roof and lowered into place.

Another application that is not modular is for parking garages. The MEM Elevator System can be placed along side the structure for a fast and easy way to meet code and provide vertical transportation.

Too Many Applications To List

Traditional construction methods are employed in a wide range of vertical markets and we can help meet those needs as well. Hospitality, commercial spaces, schools, and medical facilities all have used our solution with great success. You can see some of them below and here in our gallery.

The reason for its popularity and that it has largely found market acceptance is the MEM Elevator System has significant benefits over traditional elevator installation:

  • Faster Installation – We deliver the elevator when you want and the fully installed elevator places in less than four hours. This takes the elevator off the critical path.
  • Can be used as a construction elevator with tremendous savings.
  • Faster Start Up – Because the elevator is delivered installed there is no delay in the start up. When power is supplied, we can get your elevator set up and running in about one week.
  • Less Expensive – Dollar for dollar it may seem like the savings are minimal, however when you consider the cost of the hoistway, saving money on call backs of other trades, fast occupancy, and lower legacy costs. We save you money.
  • Higher Quality – Because the hoistway and all the components are factory built and installed, our elevators are higher in quality. There is no guessing, poor measurements, heaving or expanding of block with weather or items that go missing. Our exact standards mean quality in every elevator we produce.
  • Fewer Headaches – This really needs no explanation. The elevator arrives fully installed. So other than a few hours to place the units and a week of start up, you don’t have to deal with the elevator crew at all.

    Awards Are Great – Providing A Solution Is Better

    So the bottom line is that we are grateful for the recognition. It is confirmed, we are the leaders of the modular elevator revolution and our recent awards prove as much. However, what means more to us is that we can provide a much needed solution to vertical transportation woes.

    If you want to join us in this better way, regardless of your project, contact us. We can provide a solution for all low and mid-rise applications. To find out more click the button below and schedule a live virtual tour of our facility. If you have a project in mind, start the process by requesting a Fast Track Quote.

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