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Stick Built Success With Modular Elevators

Stick Built Success With Modular Elevators – With all the awards we have won for our Modular Elevator System, it is easy to think that we are only used in modular construction. While we appreciate the accolades from the Modular Building Institute it is important to remember our roots are in conventional construction methods. One project that exemplifies that best is Collegewood Elementary School.

Modular Elevators Improves Stick Built Projects

Collegewood Elementary School

In a new two-story classroom building our friends at DC Architects used the traditional “stick built” method of construction to efficiently supply the school with 14-high quality classrooms. The timing was important to process because the project encompassed more than just the building. The company was also responsible for alterations to the existing central quad and play area located on the west side of the Collegewood Elementary campus. Campus upgrades also include a new landscaped plaza courtyard featuring the school’s cougar mascot paw grass imprint, new play-ground, exterior covered canopy, and removal of 14 outdated portable classrooms.

Instead of waiting for a hoistway to be built and then having the elevator installed over months of time, the building was constructed with a hole in the canopy through which the MEM Elevator System was placed. This time saving methodology worked perfectly and allowed completion as promised.

Our Elevator System is flexible enough for any design challenge. So, if you need stick built design success consider a modular elevator from the leaders. The MEM Elevator System is leading the elevator revolution. For more info on solutions for you, click the button below for a FAST TRACK QUOTE. If you want to explore more just sign up for a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR of our facility. We are open and willing answer questions and have discussions on viability for your project.

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