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Turnkey Elevator Solution – The pain points of building a multi-story project are myriad, however one stands out like no other; the elevator. It is one of the most time consuming and often the most costly part of a building project. It can be absolutely maddening. But, beyond that, the way elevators are traditionally installed is not just old-fashioned, but antiquated. I can think of no major product today that has stayed so backwards for so long. Yet, even that is not what is so infuriating. To architects, builders, GCs, design build firms and owners it is the loss of control of the build that hurts most.

How Control Is Maintained

Ultimately, control is why there seems to be so much angst, anger and warfare for such a small space. That space or turf will not be surrendered easily because it produces significant income. The result is that monopolistic control must be maintained. So before I get to how specifically a turnkey elevator is the solution lets look at how the big name elevator companies control the process.

  • Major elevator companies limit information. This is not unusual as they are in the business of selling elevators, however it goes much deeper. Where the components come from, how the elevator is constructed, the timeline for completion, contractual obligations, maintenance plans and other crucial information are all tucked neatly away where they are not seen or addressed.
  • They restrict access through proprietary parts and components. This limits the options of the building owner. It forces them back to the elevator company throughout the life of the building. Making and finding alternatives is impossible.
  • Contracts are unfair and lopsided. From the installation to the long-term maintenance agreement all of the power shifts to the manufacturer.
  • The elevator company controls the timeline from delivery of the components to the start up of the elevator. This makes them a stubborn stall on completion. They remain on the critical path and cannot be removed.
  • Big name elevator companies control your property, when people can come and go, storage areas and more.

Through the above controls and others, the elevator is mystified and complicated. The process is likewise extended and obfuscated. One of the biggest complaints is that people are kept in the dark. From the site supervisor to the property owner they feel they are out of the loop with few alternatives.

The Turnkey Elevator Solves Problems

So the question is, would you like an easy solution that is an alternative that puts you in control? If yes, we have an alternative and good news. We provide a turnkey elevator solution that puts you in charge of the elevator in the following ways.

  • We will be completely up front and transparent about our process, the timeline, maintenance agreements and contracts. This makes us extremely unique in the elevator world.
  • We do not use proprietary parts at all, so we will not use them to control you. This gives you freedom to choose the installer you wish, or we can provide one. It also makes the maintenance agreement flexible and eligible for any elevator company to bid on in the future.
  • Our contracts are clear and concise and we are willing to discuss any of the provisions. We will never use mumbo-jumbo or confusing language. This makes the process easy for you and clear to all.
  • You control the timeline for delivery. Just tell us the date you want your fully installed elevator to be delivered to your site. You then enter the manufacturing que at our factory and the elevator is produced to your specifications. Start up is then scheduled when power is provided. You are in control. Together we remove the elevator from the critical path
  • The entire start up process is in most cases less than a week. That means you will not be dodging elevator mechanics for months on end. Also storage of components and tools will get in the way.

The above places control where it belongs, in your hands.

There is a Difference

The difference in the process and outcome are huge. The traditional method is slow and controlling. The turnkey elevator is fast and easy. But how? What makes our process, placement and installation so revolutionary? In a nutshell a traditional elevator system takes roughly the same components of a modular elevator and installs them onsite. Mechanics carry them one piece at a time into a crowded hoistway. It is assembled like a ship in a bottle; impractical, slow and laborious.

Turnkey elevator swings into place in less than four hours and starts up in a week.

Our turnkey elevator is produced in a factory where a perfect hoistway is produced out of tough steel. It is then wrapped in drywall for code compliance. All the elevator components are subsequently installed in the factory. All go in the hoistway and get ready for delivery. Weather and other site conditions do not matter in our process.

The elevator then gets delivered on a truck or trucks for your low to mid-rise project. It is ready to be craned into place. The process takes about four hours or less. Once power is supplied we return to start the elevator up. A week later you have a fully functioning elevator ready to be used. They can even be used as a construction elevator.

So, if you are tired of elevator companies trying to control your jobsite it is time to contact us. We will help you take back control of your site and costs. We will provide a no nonsense conversation, including pricing. Just click the link below for a Fast Track quote. To take a closer look at what we do to provide the best turnkey option schedule a live virtual tour. The control is in your hands.

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