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Record Breaking Year Thank You

Record Breaking Year Thank You! – This time of year we cannot help but to look back and see what there was to be thankful for. That at first blush it seems like a difficult chore because 2021 started off rough. Need I tell anyone that? It all began with a continued COVID-19 threat with its evil cousin Delta soon raising its ugly head. There were riots and dissatisfaction. Political problems and the rise of big tech. Inflation worries and supply chain woes still abound. The threat of manufacturing slowdowns even has Christmas looking more like one that Scrooge would approve of, before his reclamation. And yet somehow through it all two momentous earthshattering realities set in.


First, and I hate to say it, but in 2021 Tom Brady proved beyond any doubt he truly is the greatest quarterback of all time. This website that tracks his every success confirms it whether we like it or not. His stats are crazy and he is running out of fingers and will soon have to use his thumbs for all the rings he’s acquired.

Secondarily, and much more importantly I am glad to report, Modular Elevator Manufacturing broke all records for any modular elevator company. That makes us the premier modular elevator manufacturer anywhere. By producing more turnkey, commercial quality elevators than anyone else it qualifies us as the G.O.A.T. of modular elevators if you will. And just like with Brady, MEM’s success takes more than just us.

Thank You

A company, any company, could not have our kind of success unless it has loyal friends, colleagues and customers (new and old) in ever-growing numbers. We appreciate you and are thankful for you. Too often the shoe of gratitude is on the other foot and we sometimes forget to say thanks as often as we should. Just today we received a great note from a brand new 2021 partner. It said in part:

Record breaking year. MEM thanks you for your continued partnership. Best modular elevator.

“As a new trade partner we appreciate your expertise and innovation in pre-fabricated modular elevators.”

Those are rare words. When was the last time that you send a note of thanks to your elevator provider?

Therefore, in this season of recounting what we are thankful for, we here at MEM can say without hesitation we are thankful for you! We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and provide you with a great product. We thank you for sticking with us during this turbulent past couple years. We thank you for exploring your options and taking the chance to break away from the old traditional ways of building for new and better. We thank those that have been partners for decades to those that have just discovered us.

We thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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