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Modular Elevators Rise In Popularity

The modular industry as a whole continues to grow and as a result modular elevators rise in popularity as well. For example, in 2019 permanent modular construction surpassed the $250 billion dollar mark in construction starts. It was only $173 billion in 2015. The modular elevator rise in units sold is mirrored at MEM. What was an industry that placed just a handful of units annually, has now grown beyond expectations. We have a full production schedule, had to double the factory floor space in 2021 and we are now adding additional shifts to cover the upward trend.

The result of that growth is this month’s blog regarding projects produced a good dilemma to have. In November we had more than just a few elevators to choose from for the project spot light. We hit double digits with ten projects put in place in just the past 30 days. That makes our choice hard for the blog, so we went with photos from several projects. This growth can be attributed to our nationwide efforts, high-quality engineering and a team that supports each and every elevator we put in place.

The Projects

Modular elevator rise in popularity. Finishing touches on installation.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. Affordable housing elevator being installed in just four hours.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. Affordable housing elevator being installed in just four hours. The elevator arrives when you want it.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. They are just like any other elevator, but are placed in four hours or less.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. The doors come installed! It makes a four hour install possible.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. A modular machineroom can be added to make the process even faster.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. Duplexed elevators set in a couple hours. Ready for start up when needed.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. One or two hours of fire protection comes with the elevator. It is ready to be finished.
Modular elevator rise in popularity. Any capacity is possible. We will work with you!
Modular elevator rise in popularity. The MEM system can be placed first in the process, last or anywhere in between.

As the largest producer and industry leader we are excited by our expanding reach as seen in the projects pictured. More and more architects, building owners, design build firms, modular companies and general contractors are exploring their options for low and midrise projects. But we are more than a modular company. Although we have seen a steady rise in modular projects, modular construction remains only a fraction of our mix. Traditional new construction and retrofit applications make up the rest.

We also provide a solution for a wide variety of building types as well. The kinds of projects we set this month include at: a university, a medical, government projects and housing. Each was set on time and in less than four hours. With the MEM system, you get to determine when you want your elevator. Try that with traditional elevators.

The Point

So, here is the point. When I started in the modular industry and in particular the modular elevator industry there was a real hurdle of acceptance as an alternative to traditional construction. There was a lot of push back despite modular being greener, faster, more efficient and higher quality. That has changed. Now for low and midrise applications modular is quickly becoming the standard, especially with elevators. Our industry is no longer on the bleeding edge of advancement but the cutting edge, just where everyone wants to be.

If you have a project coming up, have seen modular elevators rise in popularity and want to explore the possibility, just click the button below. We can give you pricing for your project location across the US and Canada. If you want to see behind the curtain and how we produce our modular elevator solution, just click the link for a live virtual tour. It would be our pleasure to show you around and answer any questions.

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