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Schools and Modular Elevators

Schools and modular elevators... a long history.

Schools and Modular Elevators – Newhart Middle School/Mission Viejo, CA. Innovation can be hard to accept. However, when it comes to education, there is a long history of embracing a revolutionary method when it comes to elevators.

As an example, in Mission Viejo they embraced innovation. First, they created a brand new STEM learning environment. It will serve the children of Mission Viejo for years to come. But second, they embraced innovation in choosing the MEM Elevator System for their vertical transportation needs. But, this is not unusual as the education sector has always been willing and ready to embrace new and better technology.

Innovation From The Beginning

Newhart Middle School is not the first school to embrace a modular elevator by a longshot. We know this because schools have been a part of the Modular Elevator Manufacturing portfolio from the beginning. Historically, the modular elevator was largely designed to be a fast, easy solution to provide accessibility for schools. The need was huge and a fast solution was needed that met their timelines. The education vertical quickly realized that the new innovation of modular elevators was the best solution and as a result a partnership was formed. For over 20 years that partnership has grown and is still going strong today.

At one time and for nearly ten years our number one selling market segment was education at all levels. These projects include elevators for dorms, schools, parking facilities, stadiums, and press box accessibility. It remains an important part of what we do as we are providing more elevators for education than ever before, but other verticals have now picked up on the innovation we provide and have caught up.

Good News! The Benefits Are Still The Same

Schools remain a large part of our business model because the needs of schools are the same when it comes to the elevators they choose. The benefits of our modular elevators meets those needs so well we are the natural and best choice.

Here are some of the benefits:
  • There is substantial time savings at every level of the build. Everyone saves time including the architect, school district, the engineer, and the construction manager.
  • The cost savings are increased due to that time savings. But also due to the fact there are no design costs or engineering costs with the MEM Elevator System.
  • There is a huge benefit to knowing the costs upfront. With MEM there are no surprises or add-ons late in the project.
  • Speed of delivery means no time delays on the project. Everyone is tired of waiting for the elevator. That is no longer a thing with MEM.
  • Everyone can avoid the deferred approval process so construction can begin on time or earlier.
  • Significant reduction in legacy costs. We only use non-proprietary parts and components.

With all those benefits it is not hard to see how other verticals have caught up with the education segment of our business.

The Revolution Began In Schools But…

Our success in other vertical markets comes from taking the lessons we learned in dealing with various school districts and applying them to every market sector. The results is our experience and willingness to improve has led to a superior product. And as it turns out every type of business, government entity, or building owner wants the same thing when it comes to choosing the elevator for their project.

They want an easy, yet reliable and high-quality solution for their projects. We can provide that whether it is new construction or a retrofit application; in an industrial setting, commercial property, hospitality or in a school.

We have a solution that meets and exceeds your needs. That is what the people in Mission Viejo understood. We manufactured as elevator for them. It was delivered when they needed it. Set in place in a couple hours and started up in less than a week when permanent power was supplied. Below are pictures of the process.

What you are seeing is a fully installed elevator being placed through a hole that was left in the build. It was set in just a couple hours and was started up in a couple of days. Revolutionary!

Shark Bit and Modular Elevators are similar in many ways.

Join The Revolution

As you can see, the project looks great. It went in faster and easier for the school with no disruption to classes. Also, it embraced their movement towards more innovation in all they do.

If you would like to see about this project or others like it, we are opening up our factory to live, virtual tours at your convenience. All you have to do is click the button and fill out a simple form. We will then schedule the tour at your convenience. During the tour we will answer any and all questions. You can also schedule an in person visit as well.

Lastly, if you have a project in mind and want to speak directly to one of our representatives fill out the Fast Track form. We can provide you a thumbnail number in hours.

For more great photos of the project, visit our good friends at Miller Construction. Their team did a great job!

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