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Elevator Revolution – It Really Is That Easy

Elevator Revolution – It really is that easy. Projects are complex with lots of moving parts. Electrical, plumbing, heat and air, structural concerns, finishes, the foundation, openings, and more needs constant monitoring and adjustment. The logistics of all those construction divisions suck time and resources from your busy schedule. This makes keeping everything on track, on time and moving forward more than a headache to say the least.

So, every once in a while it is a relief when there is a simple solution. A solution that takes an entire part of the project off the critical path, instead of placing it on the to do list. The MEM Elevator System does just that and makes it easy. It allows you to draw a line through that part of the building project and not think about it again.

It is a simple solution because with a modular elevator there are only two steps once the contract is signed, the purchase made and the pit is poured. The first step is a fully installed elevator delivered and craned into place. This step takes less than four hours and none of your time unless you want to watch it go in. The second step is once permanent power is supplied, the elevator is started up. This take around a week. This was exactly the process of one of our most recent projects, Los Osos High School.

Elevator Revolution – Engineering Solutions

Projects like Los Osos High School demonstrate our fast, high-quality solution through forward thinking and superior engineering. See, traditional elevator companies and other modular elevator businesses have significantly less experience or are just stuck in old thinking when it comes to modular elevator systems. Traditional elevators are anchored in the 60’s (the 1860’s) with no desire to upgrade their product models. With the modular elevator business, many elevator novices jumped into the market with little understanding of what makes an elevator tick. As a result they have no idea as to why installations are such a pain and certainly had no idea as to how to find engineering solutions. For them, often times, each elevator produced is an experiment that the builder pays for in real dollars.

But why should superior engineering matter to the developer, building owner, architect, project supervisor, or other building professionals? I mean really the most you really need to know about an elevator is when you press the button, it goes up. In simplest terms an elevator is just a box that goes up and down inside another box.

However, the engineering matters because that is what allows the installation to go in smoothly and quickly without delays and complications. The process is a success because what we say about a simple solution is true. And it leads to a headache free jobsite. Also, because of our expertise and knowledge we are able to accommodate special requests and special circumstances. Others run from projects that need to incorporate a corner post, or difficult applications such as inside the Spruce Goose Hanger for Google. Because of our engineering, knowledge and experience we enjoy the challenge and the results.

Easy For You

This was true on the Los Osos High School project. Everything went according to plan and according to the timeline that was most beneficial for the project. As we all know, schools have a difficult timeline to say the least. Even when it is new construction the calendar of the school district reigns supreme. That brings lots of pressure to bear.

With the project a fully installed elevator was delivered when promised. And it was up and running on time with no complications. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the elevator is taken care of completely? That is possible with success through engineering and our knowledgeable team.

Experience is Key

We have a well thought out approach when it comes to durability, quality, safety, and speed. That is due to our decades of experience in the elevator industry in both service and manufacturing. We know the challenges so you benefit from our years of knowledge. Bottom line, we know what it takes to design and build one tough elevator. But beyond that, we deliver it when you need it on the jobsite as a fully installed unit. Here are some videos showing how easy it is.

So, for your next project it maybe time to explore the possibilities of the MEM Elevator System.

To see how our experience in the elevator industry can be a perfect fit click the button below. We can provide a Fast Track Quote or schedule a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR of our facility. We would be happy to pull back the curtain and reveal our process. It shows how we produce the industry’s most successful modular elevator solution.

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