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Retrofit Elevator Solution

Retrofit Elevator Solution. As I was prepping a wall in my home for much needed improvement, I came to a startling truth. People follow what was done before even if it isn’t the best solution. That thought came to me as I started pealing layers of old construction off the oak studs from our 19th century farmhouse. There was a layer of quarter-inch drywall, followed by half-inch drywall under that. Those were on top of wood paneling and then plaster and lathe. Quite a difficult and messy job to bring it back down to the studs.

But, while prying, cutting, hammering and hacking through the various layers, I noticed several flocks of nails and screws tightly patterned in clusters. Like in the picture a half-dozen nails and screws were all in a three-inch area. The funny thing was that in most cases, none in the group ever hit one of the studs. Obviously, prior workers just saw where previous nails were used. They then figured if they put another one in the same place, they would hit something.

In most cases they were absolutely wrong. The original lathe was securely nailed down with a thick layer of plaster smeared into place, but after that layer it was guess work. A follow the leader mentality. It seemed as if they saw a nail or two and then would follow up with more hoping everything would hold okay.

Missing the Mark

We see that a lot in the modular elevator industry. Follow the leader is used constantly when choosing the elevator for a project. Not much thought is given, it is just hammer in another nail or turn another screw no matter the implication. It really doesn’t matter if you miss the mark just go with the flock. Why pick the best option or explore a bit more, before you start pounding away.

The result is the best solution to vertical transportation is not tried but, the status quo is the accepted norm and little additional consideration is given. This is despite, especially for retrofit projects the MEM system is always best. It is the perfect retrofit solution because is goes in easiest with the least interruption. It also takes the elevator off the critical path and places it on your timetable, when you want it delivered. Also, it can be added to the exterior or placed in the middle of a building by means of a roof penetration and holes cut at each floor.

Low to Mid-Rise

Lastly, these are high-quality commercial elevators that are completely factory installed in the hoistway. It arrives onsite with doors, wiring, rails, cab and even elevator buttons installed. It is then craned into place in less than a couple hours.

When power is supplied the modular elevator is then turned on. Then it is setup in a process that takes less than a week. The MEM system is suitable for any low to mid-rise project making it perfect for most retrofit projects. It can of course be used for any new construction as well, traditional or modular.

I can tell you from experience nothing is more frustrating than pulling a fist full of nails out of one small section of drywall. That is especially true when none of them hits the mark. I feel you can avoid the same kind of frustration by giving us a call. Let us help you explore the better option for vertical transportation. If you have a project in mind and would like a thumbnail number, just click the link below. You will get a budget number in less than 24 hours.

If you would like to see behind the curtain we can give you a peak. We will let you see how we produce our retrofit elevator solution, in a live virtual tour. Just click below and let us know when you are available.

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