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New York Elevator – MEM Success

New York elevator set over the holidays. While most businesses slow down between the last couple weeks of December and January 1, MEM’s schedule picks up. That slow period for most (especially schools) is the perfect time to install a complete elevator in less than four hours with the MEM system. Because they install so quickly there are minimal interruptions that you will find with traditional elevators.

A great example is a project we just set in New York. The Ateres Girls School was a perfect fit for us. The MEM system for the school is an above-ground hydraulic unit with a 25000lb. capacity and 16′ travel distance. It went in easily and smoothly.

That not only speaks to the product and our production team, but also the professionals at Nadler Modular that led the project. They made sure everything was ready and therefore the project went off without a hitch.

A modular project is not a requirement. Even with the elevator placed on the exterior of the building, that is not a always necessary for our elevators. MEM elevators can be placed in any type of construction project. And be placed on the exterior or interior. If you are looking for a vertical transportation solution for any low or mid-rise application we have what you need.

To make MEM a part of your next project just click the link to find out more or get a FAST TRACK QUOTE.

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