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Modular Project With Modular Elevators

A modular project always benefits from using modular elevators. The primary reason is that the resources and knowledge are already in place and everyone understands how the modular concept works. There is comfort in understanding the modular concept.

But the benefits go beyond just mere comfort. It fulfills a need to increase speed, time and savings. Also, the MEM System does not interrupt the benefit of a modular design. In a recent Los Angeles area modular project. Studio One-Eleven designed three supportive housing buildings all based around the modular concept, so using a modular elevator was an easy choice. The advanced modular design of the project and MEM allowed the Vanowen Apartments, by use of the modular concept, reduce costs 30-35% below conventional construction. That meant a more efficient use and speedier occupancy for the chronically homeless of Los Angeles.

“Modular designs we are perfecting with our partners significantly reduce cost and construction time,” said Michael Bohn, Studio One-Eleven Senior Principal, AIA. “We may have provided the model to build it faster, cheaper and better for the affordable housing sector which could help alleviate Los Angeles’ housing crisis.” Modular Elevator Manufacturing was proud to be a part of the project.

The MEM Elevator System went in smoothly as part of the modular project package and impressed those on the project.

It Starts With the Pit

The benefits realized are due to an understanding of the modular concept as a whole. The pit needs to be perfect so there is a seamless match to the rest of the structure. We provide an easy to use template that assures ease of installation. With that in place the elevator easily slips in.

Once the pit is complete the fully installed elevator goes in before lunch. Then when electric available onsite, the crew returns to start up the elevator. The process is so fast that the modular elevator can be used as a construction elevator saving money on the project.

If you have a project in mind and want to speak directly to one of our representatives fill out the Fast Track form. We can provide you a thumbnail number in hours.

Lastly, this type of project takes a team. So, we would like to mention our partners in this project. Our good friends at Howard Construction were professional as usual. Their team did a great job! Award winning Studio One-Eleven provided a unique design based on the modular concept. Also, TLShield placed and started up the MEM Elevator System.

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