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Los Angeles, CA. July 23, 2020 — MEM Doubles Factory. Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) has now doubled its production facility. This is in response to a significant increase in sales growth as a result of a new nationwide marketing and sales campaign. Interest in the high-quality commercial modular elevator product is way up due to the national strategy being employed since the beginning of 2020 and the uniqueness of the product itself. MEM elevators are now scheduled to ship from the Los Angeles based company to as far away as New York City and projects are being considered at all points in between.

This dramatic growth in the modular elevator market is despite the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus for many reasons. First, modular elevators set in less than a day. Then they are started up in less than a week in most cases. That means fewer people coming and going from the construction job-site, potentially meaning less spread. This contrasts with the old way elevators have been built. That method requires a steady stream of workers showing up for months at a time and working closely together.

With conventional elevators, a hoistway is constructed first, and then all the components are shipped to the job-site and installed. This can be a painstaking and dangerous process as it all takes place in a cramped hoistway. Now with social distancing a concern, the troop of elevator mechanics, construction workers and helpers required for the conventional method may mean a higher risk for spread.

Second, the modular elevator is manufactured in a controlled environment. Safety protocols can be employed easily That is not the case at most project sites. Social distancing and sanitizing the work area can be easily managed. An additional plus of the factory controlled environment is that there is increased elevator and hoistway quality. The manufactured hoistway is a tough steel frame, sheathed in drywall. All of the elevator components are already installed in a controlled environment. They arrive at the project location, are craned into place, and then started up when power is available.

Lastly, project completion overall is much faster when modular is used. It takes the elevator off the critical path during construction. The job can be completed faster leading to a safer building environment.

All of the benefits makes the sales process more of an education than a high-pressure sales pitch. According to Vice President of Sales, Hugo Beltran “The product is perfect for the times in which we are living. They are high-quality commercial elevators set and started up faster than conventional elevators. This means fewer people at the job-site. That makes modular elevators from MEM greener, safer and smarter.”

He went on to say that education on the benefits is made easier due to the competitive pricing. “We are being selected as the elevator solution by our clients because of the investment. It is a better manufactured, higher quality product in line with general elevator pricing and the hoistway is included.”

At the newly enlarged production facility MEM produces elevators from simple ADA compliant models to freight elevators. They are routinely sold for several types of buildings including educational, hospitality, healthcare, multi-family, commercial, storage and parking structures. For more information on MEM go to at modualrelevator.com. See the article MEM Doubles Factory here.

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3 thoughts on “MEM Doubles Factory

  1. Scott Sanderson

    You guys convinced me on your product and there is no turning back. From the architect’s perspective you made everything real easy. Congratulations on your expansion….just use me next time for the architecture! Just kidding of course.

  2. Phil Everet

    Growth is due to hard work and great planning. We love our elevator and the quality tells us you will be growing again one day soon.

  3. Sophia

    Great job you guys! We are so glad there is a nationwide alternative now. Congrats and thanks a million.

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