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Elevator System Out of the Box Thinking

Elevator system out of the box thinking. The most recent project for Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) was a retrofit elevator for California State University – Long Beach. The demand for updating dormitories is growing. Many colleges and universities across the country are improving the dorms they built decades ago. They are hearing from students and parents, want to be code compliant and convenience are the main reasons. I mean who wants to carry boxes up three flights of stairs on move in day? But updating comes with challenges so an elevator system outside the box of normal thought is in need. Usually, our elevator solution is a fully installed elevator. It is a placed hoistway and all the components in less than four hours. But challenges on this job required a new way of looking at things.

As you can see in the above photographs our normal procedure had to be changed. Usually we just crane in a fully installed elevator. In four hours you can have a a fully installed elevator in place and ready for start up and inspection. But, due to the terrain in this particular job the crane could not carry the full load. The result is a little out of the box thinking was required.

A Different Way

As pictured the hoistway is placed first. Then cab is then inserted into the hoistway. The roof is placed next and finally the modular machine room.

“…our decades of experience allows us to provide the innovation and nimbleness for any project.”

Hugo Beltran – MEM Vice President of Sales and Marketing

It all came to together with no problems, thanks to the MEM production team. And just like in the factory, the elevator car slipped in perfectly on the rails and into the shaft.

And it was still under four hours to complete the full set. So, the customer had a completely installed elevator by noon ready for the start up procedure. Quite an accomplishment.

Hugo Beltran, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MEM was proud of the creative thinking of the team. Everyone came together for this unique build. He said, “The MEM team performs at a high level and there is tremendous flexibility in the product. Those two factors plus our decades of experience allows us to provide the innovation and nimbleness for any project. It really shows in our success.”

We are Ready to Help

In other words if you have a project for any low or mid-rise application MEM should be your first choice. Anywhere a traditional elevator can go the MEM elevator system can be a replacement.

According to Beltran, even if it takes some out of the box thinking. MEM loves a challenge.

“The key is letting us know early in the project.” Says Beltran. “If we are included at the outset of the process our system fits in smoothly and easily. Even with unique challenges.” And over the years, MEM has had several unusual challenges to say the least. The team completed a corner post elevator that no other company would take on. Glass elevators are a frequent request and large capacity elevators are a snap for MEM.

Another challenge for the entire project that updated the dormitory was the timeline of completion. Traditional elevator companies are slow. Installing the various elevator components involves carrying each into the hoistway one piece at a time. Also, elevator doors and frames are often the last components put in place.

That in turn slows down the rest of the build. Call backs are necessary. Exterior finishers, electricians and other trades must return to finish once the doors are installed. That means up to $30,000 an opening or more. There is no slowdown of other trades with the MEM system.

Put Us To Work

In conclusion, you can partner with us too! If you have a low to mid-rise job that needs an elevator system click a button below. You can sign up for a live, virtual tour of our facility. Or you can get a FastTrack budget number for your project. We will honestly answer any questions you may have. We can supply you with a Fast Track quote in 24 hours. MEM – Quality Elevators taking you to a higher level.


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