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Walk Through Wonder

MEM Elevator – Walk Through Wonder / RAD Technology Medical Systems worked with the Palomar Health team and Mascari Warner Dinh Architects for a spectacular design. It is a 6,700 sq ft, custom 2-story OSHPD approved CSU addition. The plan included the MEM Elevator System that you can see in a 3D Walk-Through RAD posted.

The Final Project

In addition the unique design for the expansion, the walk-through clearly shows the modular elevator. It was designed to include a complete stainless-steel package. It gives the building a clean, professional look Palomar Health was looking for.

Proof In The Project

Also, this project is proof positive that speed to completion does not have to impede great design. Some may think a fast timeline can be detrimental to the overall aesthetics of the building. However, based on the final look, feel, and quality, we see that is not true. One would not know that the project was assembled and ready for occupancy in less than 8 months.

Craig Braund, MEM Systems expert with TLShield and Associates says this was a perfect fit. “Anytime you need speed and quality combined in a project that contains a low to mid-rise elevator, the MEM Elevator System is the best option.” He went on to say that working with the professionals at RAD, Palomar and Mascari Warner Dihn was a pleasure. “Too often in the construction industry people don’t understand how all the various components work in concert with each other. The finished Palomar project shows precisely how everything should work together.”

So, from Modular Elevator Manufacturing and the MEM Elevator System, congratulation for a fantastic project. To RAD Technology, Palomar Health and the architecture firm Mascari Warner Dinh Architects thank you for including us!  

We Are Your Solution Too

Now you can act. If you are impressed with the project, the MEM Elevator System, and a bit curious contact us. We can provide you a walk through wonder like the one featured in the 3D rendering. We provide two great ways to find out more.

If you have a project in mind and think we would be a solution click the Fast Track Quote button below. Fill out as much as you know on the form. We will contact you with in 24 hours to fill in any blanks and let you know a thumbnail number. We also believe in transparency, so we offer a great opportunity to schedule a live virtual factory tour. Just click the button and request a date.

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