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Now You See It – Now You Don’t

Modular Elevators – Now You See It, Now You Don’t / What will the elevator look like when it is ultimately finished? In other words how will it integrate with the overall design of the building? There has been plenty of misinformation about modular elevators. Many believe that it is always an easily identifiable hoistway or shaft on the exterior of the building. That is not true, of course.

First, they can be placed inside a project or on an exterior wall. Placement for MEM is not a usual concern as they can go wherever the architect deems is suitable. Secondly though, just because they are placed on the exterior does not mean that it will be easily identifiable when the project is finished. Below you can see a series of photographs of the MEM Elevator System being placed on an exterior wall, but then it is covered. It seamlessly fits into the overall design. You can also see in the series when designed early in the project, how tight the relation can be between the elevator and building structure. It can then be covered in nearly any material used today. Now you see it, now you don’t.

Like Magic

Poof. Like magic it is gone. The building retains the look the architect, owner and designer desired.

So, if your concern in going with the MEM Elevator System is that it won’t integrate into the building design don’t worry. It will. That means that you can have all the advantaged of the MEM Elevator System with no drawbacks when it comes to project design.

But let’s not ignore the inside of the structure. Again, below you can see what the interior of the building looks like facing the elevator doors and hoistway. It is seamless as well with no obvious break in the integrity of the design.

An Elevator Just Smarter

Sometimes, due to the complexity of elevators people think that a modular elevator has to be even more difficult to use in a planned building project. That assumption is not true. A modular elevator is just an elevator in most respects. They have many of the same components, just installed in a smarter and better way. Installing the commercial quality elevator in a factory means more inspections, better fit of the components, and much less time on the installation. That makes them better and easier way in many ways.

Craig Braund, MEM Systems expert with TLShield and Associates agrees saying, the MEM elevator makes projects easy for everyone. “Whether you are looking at the capabilities of design to the simplicity of installation and speed of placement and start up, no other elevator can compete. It is the best option for low and mid-rise applications.” He went on to say that working with the professionals is key. “Too often in the construction industry people don’t understand how the modular units are integrated. In this case everyone worked in concert with each other for stunning final results.”

So, now you see it, now you don’t is not just a magic trick. It takes teamwork and vision, but the outcome is better than what traditional elevators can offer. Team on this project deserves a thanks and congratulations. So, to RAD Technology, Palomar Health and the architecture firm Mascari Warner Dinh Architects thank you for including us!  

We Are Your Solution Too

Now you can act. If you are impressed with the project and the MEM Elevator System. I you are a bit curious contact us. We can provide you a seamless and easy solution to your projects as well. We provide two great ways to find out more.

If you have a project in mind and think we would be a solution click the Fast Track Quote button below. Fill out as much as you know on the form. We will contact you with in 24 hours to fill in any blanks and let you know a thumbnail number. We also believe in transparency, so we offer a great opportunity to schedule a live virtual factory tour. Just click the button and request a date.

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