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One Tough Elevator

The MEM Elevator System is one tough elevator and perfect for parking structures.

The most difficult environment for an elevator is a parking garage making one tough elevator essential. Exposure to the elements as well as being way from the main building or in a remote location is often problematic.

Even with surveillance systems some feel there are no prying eyes watching them come and go. Also, the riders are usually not limited to a specific known clientele like in other elevator settings. Most anyone can pick up a ticket to park and go in or even just wander in off the street. Depending on the time of day the elevator can be left isolated and vulnerable. All of this makes for difficult operating conditions including heat and cold, wind and rain as well as an opportunity for vandalism.

The result is a parking garage becomes a true test for elevator durability. Much like the old Timex commercials from the 50’s and 60’s. John Cameron Swayze in his smooth voice would say, “Let’s see what happens when…” And then they would strap a watch to Rocky Marciano’s wrist or Mickey Mantles bat. After taking the pounding it would work like new and Swayze would proclaim it “Takes a licking and keep on ticking.” You need an elevator that tough.

Tough Elevator Design

It all starts with design. A tough commercial quality elevator for any parking structure has to be durable first. This is the thinking behind the MEM Elevator System for Parking Structures such as the Bellflower Project as seen below. First and foremost our parking structure elevators begin with a rugged hoistway or shaft welded together from tube steel. They pass inspection in any Seismic or hurricane zone. Then comes the solid steel sling and strong Galvaneal steel elevator cab. All are designed for heavy commercial use. Why? We know what the elements can do and anticipate high passenger traffic. So the unit is engineered to take a bruising in all circumstances a parking garage elevator has to take.

It is also engineered to look great regardless of the building design. Once the fully installed elevator is in place (in less than four hours), nearly any exterior cladding can be applied to match the architects plans for the rest of the project. Just because it has to be one tough elevator, doesn’t mean that it is not flexible in the look. It is then started up in a week and ready to be inspected and used. Our system is so fast in placement and start up it can also be used as a construction elevator.

Tough Elevator Accessories

Additionally, our parking structure design includes special accessories. Vandal resistant features are a must. This includes the control panel and elevator buttons that are created specifically for difficult environments. They are not plastic and easily broken. The overall cab finish can also be designed to be cleaned and buffed like in the above photos. This will help remove graffiti and to stand up to rough treatment. A wood core elevator cab is never a solution for this kind of environment. They use just a thin metal laminate to cover the particle board. They cannot take the demands of cleaning. Also, if the wood core gets wet you know the results. Swelling, chipping, warping and the laminate glue comes loose.

The MEM Elevator System for Parking Structures comes with a ceiling with recessed lights designed to withstand harsh treatment as well. They can also be replaceable if need be. All exterior hoistway finishes on doors and frames are flat, paintable and easily cleaned. The hall calls are in the frame of the door, making them tamper resistant, tough and vandal resistant as well. NEMA-4 Type wiring enclosures can also used to protect the elevator workings against weather conditions.

Experience is Key

We have a well thought out approach when it comes to durability. That is due to our decades of experience in the elevator industry in both service and manufacturing. We know the challenges so you benefit from our years of knowledge. Bottom line, we know what it takes to design and build one tough elevator. But beyond that, we deliver it when you need it on the jobsite as a fully installed unit. Here are some videos showing how easy it is.

So, for your next project it maybe time to explore the possibilities of the MEM Elevator System for Parking Structures. See how our experience regarding elevators and parking structures can be a perfect fit. You can click the button below for a Fast Track Quote for a project you currently are working on. However, if you want to explore it more, request a LIVE VIRTUAL TOUR. We would be happy to pull back the curtain and show you how we produce the industry’s most successful modular elevator solution.

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