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MEM School Elevator – Fred Kelly Stadium

Another win for the team at Modular Elevator Manufacturing! An MEM school elevator was placed at Fred Kelly Stadium at El Modena High School for the Orange Unified School District. The completed stadium replacement was built by Byrom-Davey, Inc. With the architecture completed by – HED Architects.

It was great working with the school district who did a phenomenal job with the project, Byrom-Davey and HED Architects. This team was filled with professionals that truly cared about the end product and it shows!

Below are just some of the videos including the virtual grand opening that was held during the Covid pandemic. Great video, but we cant wait until the stadium is full with cheering fans this upcoming school year!

The video below shows the elevator at about the 23 second mark.

Additionally the video below is a virtual tour of the project. The MEM school elevator is highlighted at the 1:00 mark. The lit hoistway is impressive to say the least.

Also, a virtual grand opening below discusses the benefits of the elevator when talking about access at the 7:30 mark and it is show again at 19:15 when giving a tour of the press area.

Again, what an impressive team and fantastic completed project!

For more pictures of the project and the elevator we encourage you to go to Architect Magazine.

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