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MEM News – Growth Continues

MEM News. Modular Elevator Manufacturing is in the news again. Mark Madler from the San Fernando Business Journal conducted an in depth interview with our vice president of sales, Hugo Beltran and they discussed the significant growth in nationwide sales since the company made the move to increase distribution earlier this year.

Here is a link to the story here. Or download it below.

Modular elevators are the future for any low and mid-rise applications and the modular industry provides significant benefits to any project. It is a faster, greener and smarter way to build. However, without quality the benefits of modular dissipate quickly. That is why MEM is the leader in the modular elevator industry. MEM understands that quality is the biggest contributor to market growth and why they are so much different than others.

If you have a project that requires a quality elevator completed faster, greener and smarter, click the button below. With just general information we can provide a quote in less than a day. MEM is quality elevators taking you higher.

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