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Elevator Easy As 123

Elevator Easy As 123 – Modular elevators with MEM are the easiest, high-quality elevators available today for low and mid-rise applications. Whether for new construction or retrofit projects MEM is ready to assist you. The simple three steps are manufacture, set and start up. The elevator arrives pre-installed. Flip through the brochure or download a printable version below.

Download a printable version.

6 thoughts on “Elevator Easy As 123

  1. Ralph deslauriers

    Need. Two. 1 story elevator quote

    • Russ Ward

      Please click our fast track button and fill out as much info as you have, You will be contacted with a quote.

  2. Clifford Murakami

    What type of elevator is this, traction or hydraulic? What is the cab size? Hoistway size? If this is modular, can it be modified in the future to add floors? Is it ADA compliant?

    • Russ Ward

      Clifford, thanks for the questions. They are ADA compliant, commercial quality elevators. The cab size and history size vary depending on the project but we even do freight elevators. Hydraulic, traction, roped Hydraulic, mrl, etc. On adding floors at a later date, it would take some accommodations but, is worth the conversation. Hope this helps.

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