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Elevator Cuts Costs as Inflation Rises

Elevator cuts costs as inflation rises. Inflation is not just a term thrown around by the Wall Street crowd or economists. Inflation is very real, very damaging and turns out not transitory (whatever that means). As the January numbers reveal inflation is with us. And an economy does not shift at a whim especially when the all the forces are aligned for inflation and the social psychology for it has set in. The ripples are felt throughout the nation in every home and every sector.

That is especially true in the construction industry. We are engage in long-term commitments and obligations with slim margins. That puts more pressure as we build, meet payroll and see operating costs explode. Suddenly, we grasp for every potential savings available by trimming general costs and seeking alternatives. Surprisingly, the elevator cuts costs as inflation rises, but only if you choose the right alternative.

You Need the Right Alternative

The right alternative is a commercial quality elevator that has a long-term history of success and that can replace the need for a construction elevator on the jobsite. By consolidating the tasks of a permanent elevator and a construction hoist, costs can be significantly reduced. But, only an elevator fully installed at the beginning of the project and ready for start up early on can meet the need.

This month’s project spotlight is really several projects, but two in particular that we just finished installing where the permanent elevator doubled as the construction hoist. Not having to employ a construction elevator can reduce costs immensely. This option is not just a way to save during inflationary times, but just smart business.

In both cases the elevator unit or MEM System was in place early in the project. The system can be engineered to be self-supporting, so it is placed and awaits power, set up and inspection. The set up portion of the project is usually less than a week in total hours. This makes it not only plausible to save significantly, but a certainty of reducing costs.

Miss ECB

The Miss ECB project fully demonstrates the time and costs savings. As you can see it operates just like any other construction hoist with a set call box for access. Finish protection is key. Protective panels and wraps are in place during the build. You can also see that it is not a project dependent on any one type of construction method. the MEM System is at home in modular construction to stick built applications.


You can see there are two sections as pictured above. They are stackable units that make up the hoistway. The entire process took less than four hours to set. As a result, the fully installed elevator through the MEM System was ready for start up and inspection once power was supplied.

If you want to find out more about how choosing the right elevator cuts costs click below. You can either get a thumbnail budget number for the MEM System for your next project or, your can schedule a live virtual tour. During the tour we will pull back the curtain, so you can see how we produce the best elevator solution for all mid and low-rise applications.

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