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Modular – Affordable Housing Solution

Modular – Affordable Housing Solution – In the United States there is currently an affordable housing crisis. With the current virus, it is easy to forget the need. However, it is estimated that we as a nation are at a minimum 7.2 million housing units short. That number could be much higher according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. The result is any means that could shorten the build time should be considered. Easing the burden on the affordable housing construction industry would be welcomed.

Modular elevators are designed specifically to be an easy, fast, quality solution that many in the affordable housing sector are now looking for to meet the growing nationwide need. A reputable nationwide modular elevator company is needed.

Case Study

This was the case recently regarding a 51-unit housing project in San Ysidro, an area of San Diego, California. Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) was able to provide a quality elevator for the project and improve efficiency of the construction process. The affordable housing was needed and MEM helped with that need.

Patrick Meredith, Vice President of Construction at National Core, the developer, general contractor, property manager and primary catalyst for the project, decided to go with a modular elevator solution due to the benefits. He was excited to see the modular elevator craned into place and said, “The design of this project fit the modular elevator extremely well and we look forward to doing future projects with MEM.”

The San Ysidro project is a senior village with the purpose of increasing housing space in the San Diego area. But, this type of project is just one kind of various developments that National Core completes nationwide. They are a non-profit affordable housing developer, but their mission goes well beyond senior living and bricks and mortar. Family housing is also an important part of their mission and they strive to provide a community with improve neighborhood stability.

Also, through caring long-term management and maintenance they provide more than a place for families and seniors to live. They go as far as providing industry-leading services such as senior wellness, preschool and after school programs.

San Ysidro was a success for National Core and MEM.
The San Ysidro project is a success for National Core and MEM.

The Video Tells the Story

Regarding the San Ysidro project using a modular elevator, it is easy to see the benefits of the efficiency and time savings in this time-lapse video. Note that over half of the time-lapse is site preparation. What you do not see is that while the prep and foundation work for the site was being conducted, the high-quality modular elevator was being produced in the MEM factory.

When the site work was prepped and done and National Core wanted the elevator it was shipped on a truck and put placed in less than a day. The uniqueness of modular unit is that the simple looking hoistway in the video contains all of the elevator components pre-installed inside. Everything from the car, to the rails, doors and wiring are already done. This allows for smooth installation and faster project completion.

Meredith is convinced that modular is a wise consideration for the housing crunch saying that, “It was good to have everything dialed in.” regarding the elevator and in projects like San Ysidro “It was a perfect fit.”

If you are looking for a great alternative that can improve efficiency for your project, contact us or click the button below if you have a project in mind. We are more than happy to provide you with a Fast Track budget number in less that 24 hours. Whether you are in the affordable housing industry or any other, modular elevators are the best alternative for 10 stories or below.

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