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The History of Elevators

I usually spend hours, if not days, uncovering research about elevators and looking for interesting and useful facts and figures to post in my blog. I research, work and write several times a month hoping to enlighten the reader and maybe make you think or at least smile. I really like doing that because I know elevators are a very interesting subject; so simple yet complex and full of fun details that fascinate.

Also, those in the elevator industry love to gather information and pass it on so I have a great, knowledgeable audience. This combination of smart people and facts can lead to new perspectives or different ways of thinking about the largest moving object in a building.

I also love uncovering the history of elevators, the modular business, construction and manufacturing as subject matter or as a springboard into the elevator industry. But, every once in a while someone does it a little bit better than I do. So rather than trying to copy what was done, it would be better to just post it as is. Below is one such example of a short, concise history that is better than I could have cobbled together.

Otis – Fact of Fiction

You can quibble with some of the details if you are in an argumentative mood or choose to believe the romanticized version of the Otis legend, but on the whole this video, although abbreviated, is well researched and correct. The History Guy does a great job in all the videos he produces and I would recommend you poke around a bit on his YouTube page after you watch the video about your favorite mode of vertical transportation. You will find something that interests you for sure.

The video is informative and the format is designed for a broad audience so it is kept short, and as a result the History Guy did not have the time to get in depth about the future of vertical transportation. And as we all know for any low or mid-rise building modular elevators are the future.

Modular is the Future

If you want more information on that or would like to see one placed you can watch our YouTube video too. Really a fully installed elevator in a couple of hours???? Absolutely true and astounding to see.

Of course for more info you can click the button below and get a Fast Track quote on how much a modular unit would be for your next project. You can also contact us any time for information about MEM or modular elevators.

We have a pretty interesting history too…”A history that deserves to be remembered!”

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