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Budget Busters Beat Them – Cerritos Elevator

Beating Budget Busters with Modular

This month we look at Cerritos College and their need for an elevator. Unfortunately, they had a pretty big hurdles that were looking like budget busters. Due to the design of the initial structure, an interior – traditional elevator would be impractical and not cost effective.

Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) was the solution that brought the project in on budget and within strict timelines. But, this is not the only example of budget busting problems that builders can face.

What’s Busting Your Budget?

We hear about the exorbitant ancillary costs all the time. This is because traditional elevators have significant restrictions and limitations in delivery, installation and set up. Upfront the elevator cost alone seems manageable for the customer, but then the additional costs drive up the investment busting the budget.

In the Cerritos College example the elevator was one thing, but due to structural issues traditional vertical transportation was just going to be too expensive and inconvenient for the college. It looked like the project was coming in way over budget until MEM was considered.

Ancillary Cost Savings

The problems facing Cerritos are common where additional expenses are a big burden. So, here are a few additional examples of ancillary costs MEM can help drive down or eliminate:

  • Street closures. Does anyone want to deal with a street closure for weeks to months while a hoistway is built and then an elevator crew installs the workings of the elevator? Its not just complaints. The costs are real. For instance, in personnel, traffic control, lost tax revenue from businesses, component and tool storage and more costs increase. MEM installs the elevator in a factory and it is delivered and set in literal hours. See the videos.
  • Private sector losses. Your solution is MEM, if a new elevator means an entire business or business district is closed for long periods of time. Its expensive to build or improve; why add to the cost by an extended closure.
  • Public safety and essential services such as hospitals, courthouses, correctional facilities and schools can’t close off entire sections of their buildings for extended periods. The costs for alternatives skyrocket and massive headaches for the builder, the public and the entity are overwhelming. However, imagine a school that has an elevator completely installed over Christmas break. This limits interruptions.
  • Renting space during construction eliminated. If adding an elevator is your goal, then why move operations temporarily? MEM allows for the business or institution to continue without renting temporary space or the cost of moving.
  • Space restricted sites. You can place MEM elevators inside a building or outside. We can also utilize a modular machine room, or an existing space. The elevator can be placed inside and the machine room on the outside or the other way. Flexibility means we rarely say it can’t be done. Test us on this!
  • Transportation industry challenges. For instance, bridges or platforms can be remote and adding a traditional elevator can drive up costs immeasurably. MEM elevators are engineered to be self-supporting structures so there is a significant savings in design. They also go in fast meaning less down time and public inconvenience.

Budget Busters – Solutions You Can Trust

The above are just examples of how our creative solutions equals dollars saved on your building project.

In other words, for over 20 years MEM has been in the business of making elevators high in quality and consistency and with simplicity for every job we do. If you contact us you will see the difference we make. MEM is leading an elevator revolution.

To find how we can be a solution for you, click the button below for a live virtual tour. You can also request a Fast Track number to get the ball rolling on stopping budget busters in your project. Above all and proudly, it worked for the good folks at Cerritos College. Put us to work for you. MEM – Quality Elevators taking you to a higher level.


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